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Gao ka life !

How would life be in the old days? Now Im not gonna go back millions of years
ago.We have enough movies to prove that us and dinosaurs just dont go well.Im
talking about 100 of years ago.I wouldnt even say when the british ruled us,coz my
grandma was born during that phase and she never once in her life,told me about
seeing any gora.It was just her,the deep thick jungle she lived within all her life,her
husband and 5 kids,her fields and animals she tended to ,till the very last day of her
life.(May God bless her soul)

Unlike my parents ,for that matter,just about all of us,I never heard my granny
say,she had it tough.The only life she knew was hers and that around her and I think
,she always thought life couldnt get better than what she was living.I always
imagined what it was to have lived in the past.We live a damn good life now and Im
very thankful for it always.Its a pretty easy life both on the eyes and body.

We found it very hard to live at our granny's place,there …

Freedom from fuel hikes

I just get on the main street and its like im in an ocean of cars,buses,bikes and what not.What would generally take minutes ,takes ours.Everyone owns a a mode of transport,some for pleasure ,some for daily use .Its a more of a social status symbol now.But with this,comes the problem of setting money aside for fuel as well be it diesel or petrol or CNG or electricity.Every one of these things cost a little of the fortune we work so hard for every month.ANd now the sheer excess of vehicles has led to fuel price hikes which has become difficult to wonder if this "social status" is a boon or a bane.

What are we to do about these prices? We actually cannot do anything as there are a few countries with access to these precious oils that we so badly need.The more demand one thing becomes,the more expensive its bound to be in times to come,just like how gold has become now.

We can think of alternatives but they too in time will become expensive.We can think of using solar energy pa…

Smelly Tongue

If you're reading this,then you are wondering how on earth can a tongue be smelly,was someone sucking on it or taking a whiff.

Nah! Im not going all kinky on this blog coz it aint my style,but before I go to actually stating why I chose this topic,let me continue to fill this blog to make it appear lengthier,like its been really thought on.Im just writing as I blab in my mind.

Many of us have bad breath and the cosmetic and gum industry has worked pretty hard on solving this issue.Some smoke too much,some dont brush enough,some eat crap before meeting someone,some stomach give burps enough to send chills down your spine.

Spoken to anyone who has halitosis? If you havent,please dont try.You will hurt someone's feeling or just plainly throw up.I once had this unwanted pleasure at a wedding.I dont think the poor woman even knew she had breath enough to make someone faint.I put on the bravest face without clenching it,spoke to her for 10 minutes and only after she left,went out an…

Vegetable soup

Things one should do firstly ,before cooking,in order to save time and not lose one's cool.

This serves around 3 people or 2 or more ,depends on the appetite and hunger.

3 Carrots shredded finely

quarter of a cabbage shredded finely

green beans,around 25 or 20 should suffice

2 medium sized onions chopped fine(cut lengthwise and then the lengths cut again)

Garlic paste 3 pods

1 inch ginger grated fine

2 springonions roughly chopped for garnish

2tbspn coriander chopped for garnish

2 tbspn soya sauce

2tbspn vinegar

2inches of capsicum thinly sliced

At least a liter of chicken /vegetable stock,if not plain water.

2tbspn cornflour mixed with water to make watery paste.

In a wok or any deep vessel,add oil about 3 tbspn.Non stick works great actually with little oil coz other vessels,the stuff sticks at the bottom.If its non stick,one has to make sure to keep stirring to avoid its sticking to the base.

Add the onions,saute them,followed by garlic ,ginger.When they are slightly light gold…

100 things about me !

1) I dont like drinking plain milk and I rarely do on instuctions of a
    doctor,by pinching on my nose and in one gulp.

2) Im claustrophobic,any closed small place sends me into a full blown
    panic attack.

3) If I eat too many (2 eggs/day)eggs,mangoes and jackfruits,I get a
   nosebleed after 3 days.

4) Im addicted to tea/coffee (caffiene fix from them),in the past 4
   hours, I had 3 mugs of it.Normally I have upto 8 mugs.

5) I hate making chapathis at all cost,I have made them only twice in 33
    years.They never come out right but I just dread making them.

6) I walked 2.5 kms,in the midst of chest pains,not being able to
    breathe,pain in jaw and left arm, thinking I had severe gas only to
    discover I was on the verge of a major heart attack in the emergency
    room 3 days later.

7) It takes me years to trust someone.

8) I dont easily forgive and never ever forget.

9) I have a bad case of sweet tooth.

10) I love to wear flowers on my head and have only worn them…


I have been thinking about bullying for some time,I think it was Sujatha mentioning about crying a lot as a kid and all.I think most of us have been bullied at some point or the other.Some of us got through it with ease,some of us just took it all in and damaged ourself in time while some took it to extreme levels and ruined it for many or just ourselves.

I have watched a great deal of documentaries and programs and come to the conclusion,that most of the bullys are actually people who had it hard at home or are complete brats to others existence.They had deprived moments,witnesses painful existence themselves and therefore,not knowing to create a healthy outlet,just dumped it all on others who seemed weak or simplistic.

I come from a very over protective family,where my folks made it a point that unlike thier young lives,we wouldnt have to go through any pain or take any bad decisions on our own and endure any pain.Since all my decisions right upto the age of 12 were made by my folks…


Recently we made chicken and prawn shashlik for a couple of friends.Eventhough it sounds complicated,one of the reasons,I never bothered to go through the recipe online,its actually a very simple and easy to cook recipe.

Ingredients :

2 chicken breasts (Boneless chicken prefered or 12 prawns deviened and cleaned).

3 tbspn Soya sauce ( I prefer the normal one,not the sweet one)

1nhalf tbspn Vinegar ( can go for the colourless kind or the apple cider one)

2 capsicum/bell peppers ( both are the same,they come in green,yellow,red,orange...)

1 big Onion

1 tomato

bamboo skewers/sticks ( readily available )

Method :

Now cut the chicken breasts into small 1 inch cubes or if its prawn,then leave it whole.Add the soya sauce,vinegar,red chilli powder( as per spiciness required),salt to taste,black pepper.Powders you will add maybe a tspn or less,depends on the amount of chicken or prawns you have.

Remember,soya sauce is salty on its own,so will add a little less salt.Or in a vessel add the sauc…

Simple Beauty Remedies

Even though most of us say,and I mean only women and very few men,that

we dont do anything special for our looks,its just great the way it
is,we actually do many things to improve our complexion,have good skin
and what not.Some can afford expensive branded creams while some
cant.I cannot even amount the will power to go to a cosmetic shop and invest in a cream or lotion or oils which cost as much as 3 cans of cooking oil for a month.

I try homemade remedies from things available in our home.Taking a
few tablespoons now and then, wont empty the kitchen.Some work,Some Im
allergic to,some simply dont work.I abide by a few things i.e.
milk,turmeric,lemon,rose water,cucumber and a few others.Im allergic
to honey on my face,also am allergic to pineapple,cinnamon and a few
other things.

When you apply something on your skin or face and you feel a burning
sensation or a tingling feeling or not very cooling,immediately wash
your face off.That means you are defnitely allergic to that…

My dead dishtv

My dish Tv expired a few days ago and it was like the end of world .We get a few local channels but just the thought of missing out on what I watch regularly made me bored to death and made me stir crazy just not being able to watch my regular programs.I dont watch this saas bahu crap at all,Its usually hindi movies and english series and national goegraphic ,discovery and animal planet.

Without it I felt ,now I wouldnt know how the lions survived in the desert.I wouldnt know how they hunted,how they jumped on their prey,I wondered how many frogs I would see miss jumping across leaves and trees.How many monkeys and chimps I would miss watching eating fruits and flowers and other little monkeys.How many insects would hunt and how many elepahnts and bisons I would miss giving birth.

I wondered what if I missed that episode of friends which i have seen a zillion times,Iam totally lost wothout my Tv.We have gotten to used to our television that if apocalypse hit us in a few days and Tv di…