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DIY - How To Remove Sun Tan From Face & Body Naturally

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SUNSCREEN.....No I'm not going into the explanations or the the differences as there are so many and I mean a ton of explanations on these things out there. I will just point a few things that one needs to keep in mind at the thought of sunscreen. 

I never wore sunscreen and had bad skin throughout my life as there were too many responsibilities to shoulder and no one to explain such details frankly. FRankly, it was only after I got married, I took care of myself and was able to reverse most damage. Of course, hormonal issues and health issues can affect our body but such things might help us age gracefully, if that makes any sense.But in this day and age of the internet...its a blessing we can gather so much info and arm ourselves with basic knowledge and know what to choose...on what basis to choose and how to defend our skin and everything else under the beautiful sun.

SPF 30 is okay for normal days but if you plan to be by the beach...its better to opt for SPF 50.Sunscreen needs…

Erratic Soul

Today I was told something very disturbing. I will not divulge into details as I'm not ready yet and I feel writing it here...would be posting in Anger. But I want to write down as to how it has made me feel.

The deepest hurt in life is given by those who you love and I have been playing ping pong with this shuttle for decades.I thought a few years ago, a heartfelt honest act of begging for forgiveness , might have put an end to it.And what I learn in the middle of a conversation. That it had never been truly accepted. Neither my apology nor me. And all was just a pretense. Now that its here...lets just get through it.

If there was no redemption in all this... if no forgiveness was too be given...Why.... Why even pretend to sort things out and show love. Fake love.

I have never admired opaque personalities.....I love being transparent. If I'm can see it..If I'm sad you can see it. If I'm can feel and even rejoice in it. But this type o…

Still Living with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for almost 6 years now. And though it started as rough, disheartening and a horrible challenge to live with day in and out....I have finally come to terms with the disease and learnt to accept my fate and rather survive around it. Its year 3 now...the ride has become less rough and less traumatic.

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this American woman (SARAH ..At carrefour cafe...I love you) At a cafe. We chatted about ourselves and then she encouraged me to write about it. I don't like to write so as it brings up horrid memories, which mostly brings me to tears and leave me sad and ask the inevitable question...Why Me? Why Now?

Who do I ask this parents... where can I throw the blame...Anyways...lets not make it a sob story.

I was lost for a few years initially because I didn't know anyone who could relate to this. People would often think I'm making excuses and being lazy. Its just a year or two ago th…


Its been my favourite past time to sit in a place and look at people. As in what they they their face is at that moment...stuff like that. You just thought, "Oh please ! Joblessness of the highest order." It might be but people reading is truly fun.

And like the famous quote circulating the Internet....true tears and smiles are seen at the airport. 
You the old man sitting by the beach just staring at the horizon.He sits there with this boredom on his face.....My dad sits like that now and so I know.He retired a couple of years back and sometimes looks around and I guess wonders how his time has flown over the years.
Okay, this isn't supposed to be a grim post.I happen to attend a festivity yesterday....And after a long time had a chance to note a few things down.

It was a diwali mela and that means it was filled with families and people from all walks of life. I saw lots of families...mothers pulling their kids through crowds...yelling at them....tryin…