Jul 28, 2011

Chicken tikkis

I make Jeera rice every now and then and its great to have with a non veg dish with a little curry.But Im guessing everyone knows how to make jeera rice.I make it different coz I strain the rice water out and add no oil in it.Just roast the jeera seeds on a tava,when the aroma fills in ,throw it into water you are boiling to boil the rice with salt to taste.when the rice is 50% cooked,strain the water out.Put the rice back in,close the lid and on the lowest heat,let it be for 12-15 minutes.

But today Im gonna write a simple recipe of chicken tikkiyas.This,one can have with dal and rice or with bread or simply as such,it depends on what you like it with.I usually have it when I have only veggies or dal.

Usually when this is made,one finds very little chicken and more of potatoes.I dont like that,it should have equal amounts of chicken or boiled egg chopped into small pieces.Yes,instead of chicken ,one can add a chopped boiled egg and its just as tasty.

Now potatoes if medium sized,meaning one potato is just a handful,you need 5 - 6.In a pan,add your washed potatoes unpeeled with at least a litre of water.Let the potatoes boil,peel and mash them.People use mashers and forks,I use a steel cup bottom.Now one can add some shredded carrot,very little shredded cabbage,mashed peas or boiled cauliflower or you can use just plain potatoes.

Chicken,since many of us dont eat chicken breasts,I think its ideal for this recipe.If not,you can use the other parts as well.SO if you have 5 handfuls of potato added,add 3 handfuls of shredded chicken.If its 6 potatoes,add 4 handfuls of shredded chicken.Boil the chicken in a litre of water.

To bring flavour to the chicken ,rather than leaving it bland,add one onion roughly chopped,add 4 peppercorns,4 laung/cloves,salt to taste and definitely 6 pieces of garlic.GArlic is very healthy for us and adding it to every dish is absolutely good for one's health.Boil it for a full 20 minutes or till chicken is very tender,tender enough to fall aprt in your hands.Chicken breast doesnt get very tender.The more you boil it ,the tougher it gets.If its only chicken breast,then 12- 13 minutes of boiling is enough.Once it done,you can strain the chicken water into a tiffin,cool and keep it in the fridge and can use it while making any pulao of any kind.The peppercorn and onion and stuff,dispose it off coz it was just to lend taste.You can shred chicken with your hands or you can chop it fine with your knife.I use a knife.Consumes less time and my friends use a chopper.I dont use gadgets for each and everything.I can chop stuff so fine with my knife while my friends cant do it at all.Called haatho ki safaayi.Dont be gadget dependent,your food wont taste that nice.Ask any great chef,they dont use choppers at all or any gadget.

Now your chicken is shredded and potatoes mashed.Boil both of these at the same time,its quicker this way.Mix them both and use your clean hands.MAsh them well.Oops ! forgot.

Before this,roast and grind and add the following into the mash: 1 tspn jeera/cumin seeds, half tspn coriander seeds.Add salt to taste and keep tasting it every now and then.Add chilli powder or green chillies chopped fine.Keep the recipe clean and simple.

Now mash everything up well.You can make small round pancakes that fit your palm or I roll it into 1 inch roll in the palm of my hand.Keep it in the fridge while you heat your oil and prepare the bread crumbs and egg.You make it small coz you dont want them to break ,when you fry it.

Bread crumbs,you can buy ready made or if you have bread thats going stale,grind it in a mixie and VOLA ! Bread crumbs ready.Or you can toast your bread light brown on your tava till it hardens a bit and then grind.Break 2 eggs and whip them with your fork.

Make the rolls or discs,dip them in egg completely,roll it in bread crumbs and deep fry them in hot oil.Once they fry to golden brown,your tikkis are ready coz the insides are already cooked.

Enjoy this with coriander chutney or plain yoghurt or ketchup or mayonnaise or dal and rice or simply munch on it.

Jul 18, 2011

Sad moments

For the past 9 and half years,there has never been a single day,when I wondered how I would look as a pregnant woman, what I would go throught o deliver my baby, what would all those feelings be like when I held him/ her in my arms after pushing for 12 hours, how he/she would look like, How old she would be today..........
Yesterday ,I was very upset as this is a sensitive topic for me and makes my husband crazy coz he cant stand me going all emotional and not being able to help me exactly the way I want.
Thats all,today Im better.Have my face mask on and writing my feeling here feeling all vulnerable.Didnt want to post it on facebook coz it would just be a pity seeking post.
Anyone out there,who doesnt have kids,its a struggle darlings be it a man or woman.DOnt worry, God is testing us and I just love to belive,that there is a special place in heaven for me where I will be able to use my mothering skills with all the children who come there.

Jul 17, 2011

Lamb pulao

I want to share this very simple lamb pulao recipe today.Though I dont exactly cook it this way coz i tend to add veggies and a lot more masala into it which gets a bit complicated,this is very simple.Anyone who cant spare too much time over a stove can prepare it at home within 45 minutes.

This is for half kg mutton.Can use simple basmati rice with it.I always think there should be at least 2 bones with marrow in it,makes the meat and the mutton stew even more tasty.You'll need 2 coffee mugfull of rice,wash the rice and soak it for at least half an hour.The excess starch washes out plus it takes lesser time to cook.

I cook with a cooker coz without it ,it takes just a very long time,time none of us neither have nor love to give.In a cooker,add the meat,pour water to cover the meat and add 1 tbsp of haldi.Let it boil without the lid on.You will notice some brown foam collecting on top of it.Immediately switch the stove off and throw out the water.It takes around 14 mins or so to boil.After that,just wash the cooker with water,pour the meat and water into it again.AT least an inch and half or 2 above the meat.Chop an onion roughly,6 garlic cloves whole,an inch of ginger grated,5 cloves,6 black pepper seeds whole,2tbsp of salt,1tsp haldi,1tspn red chilli powder,can add green chillies as per spiciness you can eat,2 inch long dalchini stick.put the lid on and give it a good 15 minutes.Now the meat get cooked differes all the times.AFter 15 mins,open the cooker and taste it.It shouldnt be chewy,a bite should be very easy.If its not done,check for water content,add more if required but get the boil right.

Once the meat has gotten tender properly,strain the meat and keep both the meat and stew separately aside.In the cooker,add oil,and the meat with the with bits of onions and all in it,add to the oil and fry them for a while.When the onions turn brown or golden brown,add the rice and fry it around for a min or 2.Now add the shorba in it.The water level should be at least an inch over the rice and meat layer below.Give it a boil and then on very low heat,cover it well and tight and let it cook on dum for 15 -20 minutes.

If you know to make vegetable pulao,this will be easy too.

Once you know how to make this pulao well,you can next time add boiled eggs towards the end or roasted pine/cashew nuts or garnish it with coriander or parsley.Or even while making the stew one can add veggies like brinjal,cauliflower,potatoes in the mix with the meat.

Jul 16, 2011

My Fantasy

It was a beautiful night.There were a few stars in the sky and a crescent of a moon in the dark night.Since the houses were far apart from each other,one wouldnt be disturbed by people yelling dinner is ready and kids scurrying around the house.I could hear the crickets making that creeking sound.I came out of his house and walked up the stairs to the terrace.It was amazing.

Since the monsoon had already started a few days ago,every shower was refreshing.I knew this would be a fabulous night as all rainy nights are.I love the rains.Every movie I watched since I was 6,tutored me into how no rains should ever go to waste especially if you have that someone special by your side.On the backdrop,I had left the tape record playing my mixed tape of hot songs.

I was wearing my shorts and my favourite green T-shirt.It was drizzling a bit and my favourite song back then and now,"Tip tip barsa paani" started playing.I was gonna drench myself and dance to this hot number.Then he came up wondering what I was doing as it rained hard.A kiss happened and......


This is one of my fantasy.

We were in the car during the brief rainy season we have in this very hot desert.I play this very song in the car and what happened was.........................................

" what kind of crap is this?" says my husband.

"Arey,ye tho mera favoruite song hai,kitna romantic mausam hai..." says me.

" Tum isko gaana kehti ho,pata nai,kya kya bakwas tumhe achi lagti hai" says my husband.

"Arey ye bada hit gaana hai Mohra film ka,tum romance dekho..tu" says mua.

" Ye hit gaana hai,kuch nai...tum thodi kiski ho....ye romantic gaana hai...." says hubby.

" Tho romantic gaan kya hota hai" says mua.

"romantic gaane tho Rafi saab ke hote the,aaj kal ke gaano ka na mu hai na kuch hai",says hubby.

" tum abhi se buddhe ho gaye ho...jab me jawaan ho rahi ti..tab aise gaane hit the",says mua.

" Tumhara screw dhila hai", says hubby.

And all my horniness committed suicide.Thats my fantasy getting real.

Jul 13, 2011

Makeup tips

eye makeup for small eyes

The key to making your eyes appear bigger is to use a lighter shade of pencil (or powder) along the inner rim of your eyes. Beige, Vanilla and/or white will do the trick. Don't forget to line using your dark liner below the water line along your lashes for definition. You should also apply a light, bright shade of white or pearl to the inner corners of the eyes which will open and separate them more. Another quick and easy way to open the eyes is to curl your lashes and apply mascara right after.

Six Common Eye Shapes & Complimentary Eyeliner Tips

1. Round

Line the outer two-thirds of the upper and lower lash lines, to lengthen the eye. Also, try angling the line upwards (upper lash line) as it moves towards the corner. The result will be slightly thicker line at outer corners. Mascara emphasis placed on outer corner upper lashes.

2. Almond

Suits many styles and techniques. Generally, line entire upper lash line and use neutral eye shadow. Optional to line lower lash line and soften with brush. Mascara upper lashes, with emphasis on outer corners. Strategic placement on lower lashes.

4. Small

Line rim of lower lid with white, flesh color or blue to make the eyes brighter. Use of eyelash curler very important. Mascara upper and lower lashes.

5. Close Set

Line outer third of upper and lower lash lines, to create distance between the eyes. Mascara emphasis should be placed on outer corners of upper lashes.

6. Wide Set

Line inner third of upper and lower lashes with dark color. Shadow play should not go beyond, but blend into area above outer corner of eyes.

Eye Make Up Tip #6 BROWS will 'MAKE OR BREAK' your look...

Most of us tweeze or pluck too much at home or at parlours.Better have thick eye brows than thin ones.Thick never look bad or go out of fashion.By thick I mean at least full looking.My outer end of the eye brows were always tweezed too short but over the years have managed to grow them better.

Which brand of eye color contacts looks most natural with dark brown eyes?

Light brown, grey, hazel,freshlook in gray,green like in dark greens,In the end,it depends on your hair color,complexion.Try looking as natural as possible.
Lipstick shades for 2011:
I have a weakness for lipstick and without it I kind of feel nude.I love bright colors and have never followed trends in colors.I dont like gloss coz in summer they melt off or leak which is horrible.I prefer matte and just add some shine on the center of upper and lower lips.

Nude lips

Statement lips

Bright ones

Jul 9, 2011

food paas-si-oon.

{Thank you "Apni boli wale".Glad to have a new follower.}


WHen I got married,I couldnt cook anything.It was strange when i realised that over the years before tying the knot,my siblings and I had consumed raw meat in the midst of chopped and spattered onions and chillies.I didnt know when garlic and ginger were used during cooking and It came to me that the 3 of us had survived on instant maggi noodles,eggs beaten up in every possible way,bread,hotel food ,jalebis and pedas and fruit cake,for around 3 years.I pan fried potatoes in oil and we ate them either slightly burnt or under cooked.

I always thought cooking was very easy.All you do is cut,throw into oil and stir for a few minutes and vola ! The dish is done.I got married and on the 3rd day,i decided to make breakfast.There I was ready to dazzle him with my omelette,I started with chopping some onions.After 30 mins,my hubby walks in and goes like," Kya kar rahi ho Jaanu !" Im like ," ek minute ,jao jao...Kandha kat rahi hu." Judging the size of the chopped onion,he was like,"OMG! you have never cut onions before."Im like I have ,but it needs to be washed,then peeled,since I was tearing up at every slice,I stopped ,washed my eyes and balancing the knife,what if I cut my finger????

I realised I was no cook and this is going to be the most painful things to go through in my life.You knwo when your dad decides to teach you driving,tempers are flwoing around,bad words just leaking out through his mouth and Its like"BBBRRRAAKKKKKES "/"CLCutch" and what not,So was the learning how to cook part.Hold the onion like this,break the egg away from the pan,dont slice too thin,dont slice too thick,the onions are brown enough,the oil hasnt separated yet,the masala isnt done yet,its too much salt..its less salt...AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!

Sometimes,I even thought it was better to part ways than listen to this crap from my hubby.My husband is an exceptional cook and to listen to him go on and on........

I started with eggs,then dal,potatoes,then veggies and finally after a year chicken.But to cook to perfection,it took me 3 years.Otherwise,it was just a dish and the only compliment I got was a delayed "OOOOOk".

I have always been a foodie but to have others love your food is actually difficult.

The thought of people coming over for lunch or dinner was so scary,I literally cried in the bathroom,fought with my hubby.Guests are very quick to judge and since I have outspoken friends,all they did was dig through and mention every unsavoury detail.Im not very competetive by nature but I love to be good at what I begin with.

Anyways,now Im very good at cooking and it takes a lot less time to whip up a dish at the spur of the moment.There are 2 things I dont want to ever learn though,that is - making rotis and preparing sweets.Rotis because first of all they are never a circular shape and it turns out to be a papad,very hard.And sweets because I have a sweet tooth,being diabetic and my present life style,its better to stay away from all this at this point than having to give it all up at once later on.

But to all those who are learning or hoping to learn how to cook,You should remember,good cooking comes out of passion.Cook something because you want to and not because you have to.Trust me, the taste varies with the attitude and effort you put into it.It actually is fun,all you need to do is donate a little of your mind and eyes into watching a dish cooked well.When it comes to cooking,I know I have done well with the aroma that fills all my 5 senses.I have never used measuring spoons so far in my 9 years of cooking and I know how much of what I have to add to make it perfect.

Sometimes you come across people ,who say that they dont enjoy what they cooked because they are bored after all that cooking and rather not eat it.I wonder how,I love what I cook,Im not fussy by nature and would give a try to new stuff anyday provided ,it has been cooked in a clean environment and with good quality stuff.

I know stuff cooked over coal and wood fire tastes absolutely different and delicious and no stove can beat it.I used to laugh at the way food was cooked in my granny's kitchen over wood and all,thinking this is as backward as one can get.But now you have to pay good money to eat food at top class restaurant where wood fire and coal is used.

Iam confident in my cooking even more now coz my husband makes his demands once we are up.Can you make this for me or that? He loves my cooking now and when he cleans up dishes with his fingers,I know Im there.