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Chicken tikkis

I make Jeera rice every now and then and its great to have with a non veg dish with a little curry.But Im guessing everyone knows how to make jeera rice.I make it different coz I strain the rice water out and add no oil in it.Just roast the jeera seeds on a tava,when the aroma fills in ,throw it into water you are boiling to boil the rice with salt to taste.when the rice is 50% cooked,strain the water out.Put the rice back in,close the lid and on the lowest heat,let it be for 12-15 minutes.

But today Im gonna write a simple recipe of chicken tikkiyas.This,one can have with dal and rice or with bread or simply as such,it depends on what you like it with.I usually have it when I have only veggies or dal.

Usually when this is made,one finds very little chicken and more of potatoes.I dont like that,it should have equal amounts of chicken or boiled egg chopped into small pieces.Yes,instead of chicken ,one can add a chopped boiled egg and its just as tasty.

Now potatoes if medium sized,meaning one potato is just a handful,you need 5 - 6.In a pan,add your washed potatoes unpeeled with at least a litre of water.Let the potatoes boil,peel and mash them.People use mashers and forks,I use a steel cup bottom.Now one can add some shredded carrot,very little shredded cabbage,mashed peas or boiled cauliflower or you can use just plain potatoes.

Chicken,since many of us dont eat chicken breasts,I think its ideal for this recipe.If not,you can use the other parts as well.SO if you have 5 handfuls of potato added,add 3 handfuls of shredded chicken.If its 6 potatoes,add 4 handfuls of shredded chicken.Boil the chicken in a litre of water.

To bring flavour to the chicken ,rather than leaving it bland,add one onion roughly chopped,add 4 peppercorns,4 laung/cloves,salt to taste and definitely 6 pieces of garlic.GArlic is very healthy for us and adding it to every dish is absolutely good for one's health.Boil it for a full 20 minutes or till chicken is very tender,tender enough to fall aprt in your hands.Chicken breast doesnt get very tender.The more you boil it ,the tougher it gets.If its only chicken breast,then 12- 13 minutes of boiling is enough.Once it done,you can strain the chicken water into a tiffin,cool and keep it in the fridge and can use it while making any pulao of any kind.The peppercorn and onion and stuff,dispose it off coz it was just to lend taste.You can shred chicken with your hands or you can chop it fine with your knife.I use a knife.Consumes less time and my friends use a chopper.I dont use gadgets for each and everything.I can chop stuff so fine with my knife while my friends cant do it at all.Called haatho ki safaayi.Dont be gadget dependent,your food wont taste that nice.Ask any great chef,they dont use choppers at all or any gadget.

Now your chicken is shredded and potatoes mashed.Boil both of these at the same time,its quicker this way.Mix them both and use your clean hands.MAsh them well.Oops ! forgot.

Before this,roast and grind and add the following into the mash: 1 tspn jeera/cumin seeds, half tspn coriander seeds.Add salt to taste and keep tasting it every now and then.Add chilli powder or green chillies chopped fine.Keep the recipe clean and simple.

Now mash everything up well.You can make small round pancakes that fit your palm or I roll it into 1 inch roll in the palm of my hand.Keep it in the fridge while you heat your oil and prepare the bread crumbs and egg.You make it small coz you dont want them to break ,when you fry it.

Bread crumbs,you can buy ready made or if you have bread thats going stale,grind it in a mixie and VOLA ! Bread crumbs ready.Or you can toast your bread light brown on your tava till it hardens a bit and then grind.Break 2 eggs and whip them with your fork.

Make the rolls or discs,dip them in egg completely,roll it in bread crumbs and deep fry them in hot oil.Once they fry to golden brown,your tikkis are ready coz the insides are already cooked.

Enjoy this with coriander chutney or plain yoghurt or ketchup or mayonnaise or dal and rice or simply munch on it.


  1. okayy...copied this too...will make this Sunday

  2. The reason I said it was pressure,coz most of the stuff I cook requires a lot of time and slow cooking is involved.Didnt want to write any recipe which was hard to follow and thus in the end make it a total waste of time for you since you're new to cooking.I kept wondering what to suggest that which would be easy and fun for you.Wish you the best and I hope it turns out yummy.Plz dont feel bad Suji...You're not pressuring me ,as Im just dishing out but you trying it out.Love you sweety !

  3. heyy no no i dint feel bad. i was asking YOU 4 it coz ur peas pulao thing was simple & very repeatable. n d mutton thing ...i (actually sathya) never expected it to b so tasty (with my cooking i.e). so he said "somehow her recipes seem to go well with u pls ask her for 1 more" :))

    d thing is over these past 2 years i've tried recipes from TV, internet, books, newspapers etc but something or d other goes amiss or they ask for some strange ingredients (like spring onions or essence of dis or dat or some items which i've not seen or heard or touched) or some complicated cooking precedure or it comes ok just once but later on goes all wrong

    my is ......................

  4. Do you know,women or men for that matter usually hide one main secret in their cooking coz they dont want the newby to excel in the first shot.I have come across many of these when I was a newby coz my friends did it and so did my husband in a few dishes which he totalled excelled in.I personally think cooking from a recipe book doesnt help.I tried initially but like you said something was still lacking.I made a lot of mistakes.You will get there.Follow recipes from videos,better.


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