May 28, 2012


Before anyone starts saying,"Oh gosh,a religious propaganda." I just want to say...if read closely,you will notice that the summary of it all,is the same in all religions.

I'm thankful for everything that I have in my life,be it my diseases,wealth,health or life.Its taken a lot to come to a point in my life when I don't cry over it but I'm grateful as this is what is intended to be and al Hamdullilah ,I'm happy for everything.

Many of us take things for granted either ways.Whether we are blessed,have no problems and therefore,forget to be thankful as we assume ,its all because of our luck,our brain and our doing .But it isn't!There is a supreme being who does things we cant explain.Its actually how you have your take on certain situations.Some of us feel we are have been cursed and what not and sometimes ,if you think of it from a different perspective,its all happening for your own good.It may take a few hours,days or years to realise it but something good always comes of the tough choices we make as human beings in our life.

I have one or the other health issue popping up at times and people feel bad for me.They thing its the evil eye or I don't pray enough or do charity enough or ain't good enough or it being pure bad luck.But it isn't ! If didn't feel a certain pain,if I hadn't been diagnosed during a routine check up,God knows,what things would be going bad in my body while I made merry and sailed through life.

Surgery,tons of medications,falling ill...its all there for a reason.God is giving us a chance to care for this precious soul he made and providing us with medicines.He wants us to say his name and in the end of it all,be thankful for our graces.I say I take 10 tablets a day and people go," Ah you poor thing ! Don't worry,it will go away." I say it was caught on time and taken care of.Al hamdullilah.

The bottom part I found on some site and its a beautiful message.Take what it means out of it and find eternal peace of mind and bliss in your day to day life.Ameen.
A man once approached a wise sage complaining of poverty. The sage asked him: “Would you sell me your eyesight for 100 thousand gold coins?” The man said no. The sage continued: “Would you sell me your hearing for 100 thousand gold coins?” The man again said no. The sage then asked the man about his hands, his feet, his sanity, and his other limbs. To each question the man replied that he would not sell. The sage then pointed out to the man that he had valued himself to the tune of a few million gold coins.

The sage then declared: “You have a great debt upon your shoulders. This great wealth you possess places demands on you. When are you going to show thanks? Instead, you complain that you want more. Your Lord is truly forgiving and generous.”

A person who is free from worry, secure in home and health, takes greater
pleasure in food and drink and life in general. The simple everyday enjoyments are savored, like time spent with one’s spouse or children and in partaking of even the simplest meals. The happy atmosphere that comes from being relaxed, feeling safe, and having one’s health makes one’s enjoyments all the greater.

By contrast, if someone possesses a variety of food and drink and wealth in abundance, but lives in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and stress, what that person possesses will be of little real value. The same can be said for a person who is stricken with a serious physical or mental illness.

This is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
“Whoever is secure in his home, has his health and enough provisions for a day, it is as if he has everything in the world.” [Sunan al-Tirmidhi (2346) and Sunan Ibn Majah (4141)]

It is a great blessing to have enough food, clothing, and shelter to satisfy one’s needs. There is nothing wrong with desiring more than that, as long as one seeks it by lawful means, since Allah apportions His bounty among His creatures as He pleases. Some people are better off being wealthy. If Allah gives them wealth, they spend a portion of it on the poor and needy. Moreover, they feel humble before Allah in recognition of what He has given them.

We should never forget that Allah provides us with our health, our minds, our food and drink, our children, our good appearances, our strength, our vitality in youth and our good sense. Many of us take these blessings for granted and fail to recognize them as Allah’s gifts. Only those whose hearts are alive with faith recognize the blessings in everyday things. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

“Allah is pleased with a servant who praises Him when he eats something and praises Him when he has something to drink.” [Sahih Muslim (2734)]

We show our thanks to Allah for all of His blessings when we praise Him. Is it a small thing to have your health and strength? Is it a small thing to live assured of enough food and drink, a home to live in, clothes to wear, and the means to get around?

” Glorified be He who has subdued these unto us, and we were not capable (of subduing them); and surely to our Lord we must return.” [Surah al-Zukhruf: 13-14]

The water we drink, the air we breathe, the ears we hear with, the eyes that allow us to see, the minds we reason with, the hearts by which we feel – these are all enjoyments that Allah provides for us, whether we realize it or not. We should make ourselves aware of this fact, thank Allah, and avoid ingratitude. When we show thanks for Allah’s blessings, they grow stronger in our lives. When we are ungrateful, those blessings abandon us. Allah tells us: “…proclaim the favor of your Lord.” [Surah al-Duha: 11]

One of the best things Allah can provide us with is a contented heart. We are also blessed immensely if we have stability in our lives, harmony in our homes, and peace in our hearts.

May 12, 2012

An unwelcome guest

There are a few things that I use as standard to realise how unwelcome Iam or how your hostess indeed feels about their guests.

Now Iam not the kind of person who will always call in before coming over.There was a time when I just came over coz I missed that person and wanted to spend some quality time.Its not about meals or food or anything.Serve me tea with biscuits and I'm good as long as you are as happy to have me as I'm to see you.I have seen my share of people over the years and now I do call before coming over.I may be missing someone a lot but it doesn't mean the other feels the same.Even your own family is like any other friends nowadays.

How you know you aren't that welcome :

1) You arrive at a house,you are greeted and then left for way to long to be on your own. Reason : Stuff is being prepared and you have no time to sit with your guest who just walked in. I think leaving someone like that for over 10 minutes means you aren't that glad.

2) You being way to formal,how is everything ,how is work,kids life and after that there is nothing to say. I love it when I come over,so much talking is happening that you go "oops! I forgot to ask,want tea or juice,or lets dive into this chocolate !"

3) Your hosts are talking amongst themselves.And you sit there wondering if they had any time that day to talk about stuff.When you have someone over,shut the hell up and talk to them.What are you going to say in bed if you are done talking when your guests are sitting in front of you.

4) Hosts suddenly remember the various calls that had to be made to their families and friends.

5) Hosts running out of things to talk and then they stare through you.Gossip people...if you have nothing to say,start with something not related to you and let the damn mouth juices flow.

6) I love being treated and pampered when I'm a guest coz I do the same for people who come over.It could be someone I dont like that much too but I dont become indifferent.

7)  Make sure what you're serving,your guests like.I have a damn good idea about every person I know.If not I call up and find out from their better halves and cook what they like and how they like it.But if you dont do the same for me,you will served crap Bitch.

8) Hate it when someone starts playing games on the mobile coz they have nothing to contribute.8 yr olds do that.

9) I hate it when Im specially requested when I leave," Could you please call way in advance before coming,sometimes we are just busy or tired." Get it people,you didnt have a good time nor did I.This statement means,it was good you cam over but we arent fans as such.I get it Suckers.Dont have to pull the chewed up gum too long.

Over the years I have given up on such people.I dont have the time and energy for such drama anymore and I simply go," Whatever !" I dont require 1000s of people to cheer myself up.Just a good handful of honest friends will simply do the trick.

I watch the series "Cougar Town" regularly.Its just 3 seasons.The connection the people have in that group,wow! Its like college all over again.It does seem to good to be true.Coz when you're happy ,everyone wants to join in and enjoy the freebies but when something is wrong,they will be like," Have been very busy", "so tired at in life", or" Hey,if you wanted somebody to be with you,you should have called nah! ".

Puhleezzzzzzzz  !   If I have to call and ask for everything ,I should hire a butler or a dog or a maid.

May 9, 2012

Battle of hair

Hair Hair...One of the things I see in the mirror nowadays and simply breaks my heart.

When the seasons change I tend to have a temporary hair fall but lately it has been numberless.I oil my hair after I shower.I take good care of it.But I'm guessing ,the fact I'm running low on iron internally ,is posing threat to the last of my species of hair.

As a kid,I had ass length hair ( another word for real long) but I could care less.My mom says watching me play was watching a male lion playing in the wild.My hair was mostly unkempt,thanks to only me.I didn't like a comb or a brush or oil or human hands going through it.Combing my hair required military like combat skills.It involved my mom screaming my name a 100 times before she chased me and got tired,then the Alpha male dropped in,caught me and fixed in between my mom's super strong thighs.While she hit my head a 100 times to get over her frustration and she poured coconut oil from some pinkish metallic can onto my head.Which progressed to a split in the middle of my head and two plaits.She would say over and over," You will look more human,don't fight me all the time."

Anyways,then I grew up and after a trillion years,I have strands on the deserted island which is my head.The only good thing being,its curly and looks like a gracious mop of hair but the plait isn't thick anymore,its ..not like a python...its like a garden lizard's tail now.

OOhhhhhhh...Dimple Kapadia.....Blessed with beautiful locks.I don't trust any one's head anymore.People use hair extensions like artificial nails now.Easy to fix in and take out.Even Sonam Kapoor's hair is great.Its idiotic to compare our hair with stars I know,coz its good genes firstly and the luxurious use of hair treatments which keep the tresses in good condition.

I have had friends who have awful hair and basically no hair or comparatively less than mine but unless it happens to you,if doesn't seem that inflictive unless you have been the inflicted. sorry I offer no tips..I offer nothing knowledgeable...All I can good organic food,iron rich food,oil your hair..pamper it and pray (fingers crossed) that they stay put.

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