May 9, 2012

Battle of hair

Hair Hair...One of the things I see in the mirror nowadays and simply breaks my heart.

When the seasons change I tend to have a temporary hair fall but lately it has been numberless.I oil my hair after I shower.I take good care of it.But I'm guessing ,the fact I'm running low on iron internally ,is posing threat to the last of my species of hair.

As a kid,I had ass length hair ( another word for real long) but I could care less.My mom says watching me play was watching a male lion playing in the wild.My hair was mostly unkempt,thanks to only me.I didn't like a comb or a brush or oil or human hands going through it.Combing my hair required military like combat skills.It involved my mom screaming my name a 100 times before she chased me and got tired,then the Alpha male dropped in,caught me and fixed in between my mom's super strong thighs.While she hit my head a 100 times to get over her frustration and she poured coconut oil from some pinkish metallic can onto my head.Which progressed to a split in the middle of my head and two plaits.She would say over and over," You will look more human,don't fight me all the time."

Anyways,then I grew up and after a trillion years,I have strands on the deserted island which is my head.The only good thing being,its curly and looks like a gracious mop of hair but the plait isn't thick anymore,its ..not like a python...its like a garden lizard's tail now.

OOhhhhhhh...Dimple Kapadia.....Blessed with beautiful locks.I don't trust any one's head anymore.People use hair extensions like artificial nails now.Easy to fix in and take out.Even Sonam Kapoor's hair is great.Its idiotic to compare our hair with stars I know,coz its good genes firstly and the luxurious use of hair treatments which keep the tresses in good condition.

I have had friends who have awful hair and basically no hair or comparatively less than mine but unless it happens to you,if doesn't seem that inflictive unless you have been the inflicted. sorry I offer no tips..I offer nothing knowledgeable...All I can good organic food,iron rich food,oil your hair..pamper it and pray (fingers crossed) that they stay put.

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  1. wow nice background ... those focus lights...

    ""military like combat skills"" facing that with Tan now :((

    ""deserted island which is my head""" LOL ... mine too :))


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