Sep 27, 2010

Back !

I watched "I hate Love stories" yesterday and wasn't as impressed as I

thought I would be.As the movie states,too many movies have been made
based on love stories,so we are familiar with every angle and nothing
innovative can be thought of or nothing different happens out there
to be made into a movie anymore.Good girls are attracted to bad boys
and bad boys are attracted to good ones.

I just realised,like the many others who did so too,that falling in
love is something everyone dreams of but few have their prayers
answered.Most of us don't even realise for a long time,that it was
just infatuation and not love.And many of us just dont recognise the '
evil in the opposite sex,who merely want to have fun and will make
you believe in the impossible to get you to do things to them.But
every girl and boy do try it.They may fall for their cousins or
neighbours or friends.Just for the experience of what it really feels
like.I do feel sad for the one didn't get to fall for someone.not that
arranged marriage doesn't give you that option.But falling in love
teaches you possessiveness,makes you bold and most of all introduces
you to something other than parental love and sibling love hood.

Today I plan on watching "Dabangg".

Right now I'm watching Tamil songs.These songs are so colourful and
have such great music.I don't understand a single alphabet of tamil
but somehow I think the music is great,catchy and you literally want
to break into a dance.The ghagra n cholis,the flowers on your
hair,simple bindis and saris,Wow !

I actually see too much of western clothing here and fashion ,that at
least I,want to see something traditional.One isn't hip if not wearing
jeans or those skimpy outfits.I felt the same as a teen.But now I
just am tired of seeing everything western.Even modern saris aren't
saris anymore.The blouses are substituted by bikinis tops or padded
bras.The waist exposed in the saris ....aayoooo...Its starts from way
below the belly button and ends just below the boob fold.What the
hell is that? I know a woman feels ,if she has the body for it then
why not! Maybe it depends on the society they live in or .....I
wouldn't want my daughter to flaunt herself like that or any man
expecting certain decency and public respect would want it.

I actually have heard men say they love when other men look at their
wives and slobber all over them.I don't get such men,but if anyone has
any ideas,do mention them in your comment.

See from to where I skip topics wise.This is actually how my mind,its
full of questions ,one not relating to another! I want to write about
North Korea and parasitic invasion in the human body or elephant
anecdotes.I want to write about trying on green eye shadow the next
time I go out.I want to mention that I have been dreaming of applying
dark eyeliner and kajal and going out.I want to ask if I would look nice if I went in for more blond highlights and lighten my eye brows.

Ooh these tamil actors and actresses are fantastic dancers.How they move with the tiniest beats in the songs.Wow....Some "ethi ethi...mathi mathi" song I think sung by A.R.Rahman.Now its"nalandana",some tamil hip hop!!!!!Now I would love to be a playback dancer for these songs.If I was the age and had the body for it.Now I'm all out of shape.

Sep 15, 2010

We girls..

Reading my friend's blog on her fear about a blooming friendship at school,I just thought I could have a little more to comment than a few lines offered at the comment post.

I think when everyone has a daughter,along with knowing they will have someone who will love them and do more than a son i.e. until she gets married.I mean she will cook,help at home,take care of her parent's personal need and will be more expressive and appreciative.

There is this constant fear about her when you learn your daughter isnt a child anymore.

Parents adopt many different attitudes,angles ,actions when raising their child.Everyone wants a child who respects,studys well,is a good person,gets through life well and does well for themselves.Some take a strict approach and some are pretty linient with their kid.SOme are over protective and dont let their child take any chances fearing the worst while some just laugh saying they are the ones who will have to do all on their own,so no age is too young.But I have realised one thing,there is no perfect lesson to teach.Hover over them but give them space.Be open about everything but know your kids will never be a 100% honest with you about everything.And when raising your child remember,too much of everything is not good,be it nice or bad.You too were once a child and a teen,so dont act as if you came out of your mother's womb with all knowledge of life at age 25.Let your child make a mistake and learn ways of explaining their mistakes to them.Beating your child to show they were wrong is not wrong,beating them senseless or for no reason is.

When I was 15 and years after that,I loved to flirt,didnt fool around as such but yes i loved getting attention.But then came my sister,growing up into this cute girl and the day she satrted applying lipstick to college,I started worrying.I would wonder what if some guy found her cute,what if some guy "line marofied" her,what if she fell in love,what if????? Even though I knew it was my parent's job and not mine,I felt so responsible coz i was in charge of them.We women are such nutjobs,thinking we hold the weight of the world on our shoulders.If she came in late,I worried.Sleepless nights and I wondered how and what should be done,so that she is honest with me,trusts me enough to tell me everything.

I tried being strict which led to successful literal slapping and bitch slapping.Doors being banged to the extent they would fall off,screaming to the heights that one would burst their voice box,crying away to the point when the oceans felt as small as ponds and worrying to the dawn of panic attacks and mini heart attacks.The grotto at the church became a confession and begging for some sort of redemption point.The thing is running away felt like the best option.

Then came the day with a good friend's intervention,things smoothened up and finally we both got a breakthrough.and to date I think we can be honest and frank about many things without the tacky emotions coming in between.

I finally realised and learnt,that by giving both of my siblings space and understanding,freedom of expression and actions,it led them to see things from their own perspective.Of course,My daily dose of experiences of my life and that of others around me and some advice didnt go waste.

Setting a good example is important too.I cannot be boozing away,dancing in clubs,wearing skimpy stuff and expect my kids to grow into saints.Teaching your kids at a young age about things,introducing them to reality,one bit at a time is a great way to ease them into this world.Being open about sex and the bad wrold out there is considered a sort of a taboo even now and sort of frowned upon by our elders.Children not only mimic their parents but they mimic the television and everyone else they see all day.Everyone has a share in influencing one self.So if its true for adults,its definitely true for kids.

To Sujatha's question,Should we fear for our kids ,seeing what the world is going to! Yes,we should.What kind of people would we be if we didnt worry for our loved ones.Or think about them.It is but natural to fret over over things we love and what if that is a part of us.So it might be needless fear but without that fear,our kids would one day freak out if we told them we really didnt care enough to at list mentally torture ourself.After all its not fear ,its love.

Sep 4, 2010

What my birthday means !

My maiden name was Suzaan Sandra Fernandes.My name now is still the same but Im called Aishah by friends.

Meanings of my names :-

Suzaan: Lily variant of the hebrew name Susan ,Its of african/Dutch origin,In the apocryphal Book of Tobit Susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia.

Sandra : God's helper. Helper of mankind. Short form of Alexandra.

Fernandes : is a family name of portugese or spanish origin.

Aishah : is a variant of Aisha (Arabic), and the meaning of Aishah is "alive and well". Also,Womanly / lively / life .

Your birth tree is   Weeping Willow, the Melancholy

Beautiful but full of melancholy, attractive, very empathic, loves anything beautiful and tasteful, loves to travel, dreamer, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with, demanding, good intuition, suffers in love but finds sometimes an anchoring partner.
The moon's phase on the day you were born was waning gibbous.

Your birth flower is ASTER.

Your birthstone is Sapphire .

The Mystical properties of Sapphire

Though not meant to replace traditional medical treatment, Sapphire is used for clear thinking.

Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewelers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources)

Agate, Moonstone, Lapis Lazuli

Top songs of 1977

How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees
Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band by Meco

You were born in the Chinese year of the Snake.
The Year Of The Snake 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

People born in the Year of the Snake are deep. They say little and possess great wisdom. They never have to worry about money; they are financially fortunate. Snake people are often quite vain, selfish, and a bit stingy. Yet they have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate. Snake people tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people's judgment and prefer to rely on themselves. They are determined in whatever they do and hate to fail. Although calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. Snake people are usually good-looking and sometimes have marital problems because they are fickle.

Your Native American Zodiac sign is Bear; your plant is Violets.

You were born in the Egyptian month of Hathys, the third month of the season of Poret (Emergence - Fertile soil).

The Hijra (Islamic Calendar) date of your birth is Sunday, 20 Ramadan 1397 (1397-9-20).

Your date of conception was on or about 12 December 1976 which was a Sunday.
You were born on a Sunday under the astrological sign Virgo.
Your Life path number is 1.

Your fortune cookie reads: Trust your intuition. The universe is guiding your life.

Your strengths:

You are a hard worker and a conscientious person. You are precise and take great care in what you do. You are highly-principled, disciplined, and responsible. You take your obligations very seriously. You are highly ethical.

You can be proud and upright, but, conversely, you are not particularly arrogant. You have compassion for people. You tend to persevere in the face of an obstacle or personality problem. You love your family and make a wonderful mate. Yet, you are not overly emotional, nor very demonstrative of your love. You tend to understate your affections.

You are constantly focused on the foundations of your life - whether it is in business, career, or family matters, you take care of the basics. You are highly rational. You are not one for pie-in-the-sky solutions to problems. Nor are you given to get-rich-quick schemes. Yours is the slow, patient approach, sound and secure. You also like to be in nature. You are a natural organizer and manager. People - especially relatives and co-workers - tend to rely on you. You are perceived as the rock of any endeavor.

33rd birthday !

Now Iam dedicating this Bryan Adams classic song - " 18 til I die" to myself.

Wanna be young - the rest of my life

Never say no - try anything twice
Til the angels come - and ask me to fly
Gonna be 18 til I die
Can’t live forever - that’s wishful thinkin’
Who ever said that - must of bin’ drinkin’
Don’t wanna grow up - I don’t see why
I couldn’t care less if time flies by
18 til I die - gonna be 18 til I die

Ya it sure feels good to be alive
Someday I’ll be 18 goin’ on 55! - 18 til I die
Anyway - I just wanna say
Why bother with what happened yesterday

It’s not my style - I live for the minute
If ya wanna stay young - get both feet in it - 18 til I die
A ‘lil bit of this - a ‘lil bit of that
‘Lil bit of everything - gotta get on track

It’s not how ya look, it’s what ya feel inside
I don’t care when - I don’t need ta know why
18 til I die - gonna be 18 til I die

Ya it sure feels good to be alive
Someday I’ll be 18 goin’ on 55! - 18 til I die
Ya there’s one thing for sure - I’m sure gonna try
Don’t worry ‘bout the future
Forget about the past

Gonna have a ball - ya we’re gonna have a blast
Gonna make it last

Sep 3, 2010

Shopping day ending BAdly

Im shopping for my nieces and nephews and since Eid is round the corner,I thought I will splurge a little in a box of good eye shadows and a treat for myself.I bought a few toys,some cute things for them to play with.FInally got to a shop and found perfect eye shadows and lipstick.Since I dont apply foundation at all,the eye shadows that I wear from the usual kit I have ,dont stand out at all.SO I thought go for those real dark creamy sort of eye shadows.
Im a kind of person who loves her lipstick and kajal.2 things I never leave my home without.But after a month of plain jane,I look forward to dressing up.Since we are still in the peak of summer season,cannot wear anything but cotton wear.But it a wonderful to see,everyone from a toddler to oldies dressed in their best.Its like peacocks gone erratic.
Anyways,I was with my friend.We went over to her place and I was waiting for my husband to pick me up.I leave my slippers outside for 5 minutes and then they are gone.The most comfortable and good looking slippers which I paid good money for,were just gone.Someone flicked them.
When you shoe shop,its not just buying what pleases your eyes.Its a tedious process.First of all,you convince your husband that with 5 pairs of shoes that you have,none of them are comfortable anymore.You have to stress at the entry zones and exit zones of your house that your feet have begun to hurt after walking for half an hour.Then you have to explain that they were great the day and weeks after you bought them.All your women friends were jealous that I had found the perfect wear and my feet looked great.Then after days of moaning and going aaw with your present shoes,your husband finally agrees to take you to that mall where you feel you will find a great pair.
Then the D-Day comes,you have to lsiten to non ending lectures from your hsuabnd as to why one should spend money on comfortable good shoes,rather than buy them in the name of fashion.He says some fashion just kills.He says fashion kills the feet,it kills the body,it kills the person who is looking at them (but personally I think it kills his wallet even more).
Then you walk into that store after looking through a dozen of them.You firstly,will find the pair that pleases your eye and your wallet.Then,you try the pair on and walk around,wondering,"Can I walk in the garden with this? Can I walk on the beach with this? Can I walk for an hour with this? How many of my girlfriends will like this? Are my feet looking good in this? " When the answer to al these questions is a "YES",you proceed to the counter and buy them.Now imagine,to buy that pair of slippers,it took me 2 n half weeks.Wouldnt I be pissed if someone just flicked them?
I now have only heeled footwear.All those glee hormones my body produced after all that shopping went down the drain, with my  best friend Depression knocking at my brain.
My husband is like,its ok.They were slippers.We'll get new ones.As if he can understand my sorrow.When he shops,he walks into the first store,holds the pair he likes,tests them,pays for it and he's out.It took him only 15 minutes to shop for his shoes.
Tomorrow we are going ticket shopping.Planning to buy emirates flight tickets.Lets see what the price range will be.We always travel by the same airlines.But with soaring prices and peak season,lets see what the air fare will be?The best part of travelling for me is the journey,pit stops,planes,being airport loafers,looking at other people travelling,etc.Its just great.Plus I love distance shopping at the dubai airport duty free stores.(distance shopping: window shopping from a great distance) Last time,I was teasing my husband wearing an afro at a store,begging him to click a picture.But them took a picture of me wearing clown googles.
Its time to open fast in a while.What am I planning to eat? Im by myself as usual and my hubby is at work.I have tuvar dal with spinach leaves,I have peas pulao with spinach leaves( too many spinach leaves lying waste in the fridge),I have holigey,my brother bought from India for himself( which I flicked and told him later),I have black tea,lassi,kiwi,santhrey,pomegranetes.Yeah ! Thats it.A little bit of everything and I have all the food categories in my tummy.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee