Sep 27, 2010

Back !

I watched "I hate Love stories" yesterday and wasn't as impressed as I

thought I would be.As the movie states,too many movies have been made
based on love stories,so we are familiar with every angle and nothing
innovative can be thought of or nothing different happens out there
to be made into a movie anymore.Good girls are attracted to bad boys
and bad boys are attracted to good ones.

I just realised,like the many others who did so too,that falling in
love is something everyone dreams of but few have their prayers
answered.Most of us don't even realise for a long time,that it was
just infatuation and not love.And many of us just dont recognise the '
evil in the opposite sex,who merely want to have fun and will make
you believe in the impossible to get you to do things to them.But
every girl and boy do try it.They may fall for their cousins or
neighbours or friends.Just for the experience of what it really feels
like.I do feel sad for the one didn't get to fall for someone.not that
arranged marriage doesn't give you that option.But falling in love
teaches you possessiveness,makes you bold and most of all introduces
you to something other than parental love and sibling love hood.

Today I plan on watching "Dabangg".

Right now I'm watching Tamil songs.These songs are so colourful and
have such great music.I don't understand a single alphabet of tamil
but somehow I think the music is great,catchy and you literally want
to break into a dance.The ghagra n cholis,the flowers on your
hair,simple bindis and saris,Wow !

I actually see too much of western clothing here and fashion ,that at
least I,want to see something traditional.One isn't hip if not wearing
jeans or those skimpy outfits.I felt the same as a teen.But now I
just am tired of seeing everything western.Even modern saris aren't
saris anymore.The blouses are substituted by bikinis tops or padded
bras.The waist exposed in the saris ....aayoooo...Its starts from way
below the belly button and ends just below the boob fold.What the
hell is that? I know a woman feels ,if she has the body for it then
why not! Maybe it depends on the society they live in or .....I
wouldn't want my daughter to flaunt herself like that or any man
expecting certain decency and public respect would want it.

I actually have heard men say they love when other men look at their
wives and slobber all over them.I don't get such men,but if anyone has
any ideas,do mention them in your comment.

See from to where I skip topics wise.This is actually how my mind,its
full of questions ,one not relating to another! I want to write about
North Korea and parasitic invasion in the human body or elephant
anecdotes.I want to write about trying on green eye shadow the next
time I go out.I want to mention that I have been dreaming of applying
dark eyeliner and kajal and going out.I want to ask if I would look nice if I went in for more blond highlights and lighten my eye brows.

Ooh these tamil actors and actresses are fantastic dancers.How they move with the tiniest beats in the songs.Wow....Some "ethi ethi...mathi mathi" song I think sung by A.R.Rahman.Now its"nalandana",some tamil hip hop!!!!!Now I would love to be a playback dancer for these songs.If I was the age and had the body for it.Now I'm all out of shape.

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  1. north korea?!!!?? parasitic invasion shoud be aninteresting enogh topic! elephant anecdotes..heh


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