Sep 3, 2010

Shopping day ending BAdly

Im shopping for my nieces and nephews and since Eid is round the corner,I thought I will splurge a little in a box of good eye shadows and a treat for myself.I bought a few toys,some cute things for them to play with.FInally got to a shop and found perfect eye shadows and lipstick.Since I dont apply foundation at all,the eye shadows that I wear from the usual kit I have ,dont stand out at all.SO I thought go for those real dark creamy sort of eye shadows.
Im a kind of person who loves her lipstick and kajal.2 things I never leave my home without.But after a month of plain jane,I look forward to dressing up.Since we are still in the peak of summer season,cannot wear anything but cotton wear.But it a wonderful to see,everyone from a toddler to oldies dressed in their best.Its like peacocks gone erratic.
Anyways,I was with my friend.We went over to her place and I was waiting for my husband to pick me up.I leave my slippers outside for 5 minutes and then they are gone.The most comfortable and good looking slippers which I paid good money for,were just gone.Someone flicked them.
When you shoe shop,its not just buying what pleases your eyes.Its a tedious process.First of all,you convince your husband that with 5 pairs of shoes that you have,none of them are comfortable anymore.You have to stress at the entry zones and exit zones of your house that your feet have begun to hurt after walking for half an hour.Then you have to explain that they were great the day and weeks after you bought them.All your women friends were jealous that I had found the perfect wear and my feet looked great.Then after days of moaning and going aaw with your present shoes,your husband finally agrees to take you to that mall where you feel you will find a great pair.
Then the D-Day comes,you have to lsiten to non ending lectures from your hsuabnd as to why one should spend money on comfortable good shoes,rather than buy them in the name of fashion.He says some fashion just kills.He says fashion kills the feet,it kills the body,it kills the person who is looking at them (but personally I think it kills his wallet even more).
Then you walk into that store after looking through a dozen of them.You firstly,will find the pair that pleases your eye and your wallet.Then,you try the pair on and walk around,wondering,"Can I walk in the garden with this? Can I walk on the beach with this? Can I walk for an hour with this? How many of my girlfriends will like this? Are my feet looking good in this? " When the answer to al these questions is a "YES",you proceed to the counter and buy them.Now imagine,to buy that pair of slippers,it took me 2 n half weeks.Wouldnt I be pissed if someone just flicked them?
I now have only heeled footwear.All those glee hormones my body produced after all that shopping went down the drain, with my  best friend Depression knocking at my brain.
My husband is like,its ok.They were slippers.We'll get new ones.As if he can understand my sorrow.When he shops,he walks into the first store,holds the pair he likes,tests them,pays for it and he's out.It took him only 15 minutes to shop for his shoes.
Tomorrow we are going ticket shopping.Planning to buy emirates flight tickets.Lets see what the price range will be.We always travel by the same airlines.But with soaring prices and peak season,lets see what the air fare will be?The best part of travelling for me is the journey,pit stops,planes,being airport loafers,looking at other people travelling,etc.Its just great.Plus I love distance shopping at the dubai airport duty free stores.(distance shopping: window shopping from a great distance) Last time,I was teasing my husband wearing an afro at a store,begging him to click a picture.But them took a picture of me wearing clown googles.
Its time to open fast in a while.What am I planning to eat? Im by myself as usual and my hubby is at work.I have tuvar dal with spinach leaves,I have peas pulao with spinach leaves( too many spinach leaves lying waste in the fridge),I have holigey,my brother bought from India for himself( which I flicked and told him later),I have black tea,lassi,kiwi,santhrey,pomegranetes.Yeah ! Thats it.A little bit of everything and I have all the food categories in my tummy.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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