Aug 7, 2008

Im back or getting there !!!!

I cant believe its been over 2 months since I last wrote.

Well, lets talk about the soaring temperatures here.Everyday its +50celsius.According to the law here,if the temperature goes above 50, a holiday is declared,in order to avoid people falling dead because of the heat.But they never really mercy on the people working outside.Very sad isnt it !

Well, recently I watched "The Dark Knight" and must say,its a good movie.I loved every bit of it.I find Christian Behl very dark and intersting.I loved his voice in his batman suit. :>

A month to go before Ramadan begins and so does my "sort of" dieting.Its a good cleansing ritual or routine rather for me.

Iam babysitting this bird for a friend for the next 2 months.He is so cute.Dont know what species it is but he chirps real sweet.He makes this weird noises and calms me down when im screaming at my tution kids.

I thought I would write something very interesting but am getting bored at the moment.Will definitely write something nice ( I hope) nest time.

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