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My perception of a stupid teen !

Every Indian girl dreams of the same thing as she enters her
teen years.Im going to wear the latest clothes,songs will be
sung by the boys,there will be a lot of flirting,there will
be lots of dancing and picnics and the most important of
all,we will be finally carrying just 4 books to college.I
dont know if all the girls do believe this but I was an
ardent believer of this theory.Now you know how messed up I
was,I really didnt stand a chance in the crazy world.

To my bad luck,my dad commanded I continue at Little rock
because someone had to be there for the younger siblings.The
cross one has to bear because he popped out first into this
nutty world.All my college ke sapne came crashing down when

I realised I had to wear a uniform,a hopeless one at that
with the V shaped dupatta pinned across your chest.The only
glamorous thing for me was my chappals.That was the one
thing that got me excited every morning when getting ready
for school.

The next 2 years were dedicated t…

Cricket world Cup 2011 April 2nd.

India won over Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and 277 runs.Bless India and that hard working cricket team.

India has won its world cup after 28 years.For the first time in the past 10 world cups,a country has won chasing.Gambhir and Dhoni did extremely well.Congrats to us indians.