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My perception of a stupid teen !

Every Indian girl dreams of the same thing as she enters her
teen years.Im going to wear the latest clothes,songs will be
sung by the boys,there will be a lot of flirting,there will
be lots of dancing and picnics and the most important of
all,we will be finally carrying just 4 books to college.I
dont know if all the girls do believe this but I was an
ardent believer of this theory.Now you know how messed up I
was,I really didnt stand a chance in the crazy world.

To my bad luck,my dad commanded I continue at Little rock
because someone had to be there for the younger siblings.The
cross one has to bear because he popped out first into this
nutty world.All my college ke sapne came crashing down when

I realised I had to wear a uniform,a hopeless one at that
with the V shaped dupatta pinned across your chest.The only
glamorous thing for me was my chappals.That was the one
thing that got me excited every morning when getting ready
for school.

The next 2 years were dedicated to studying and finishing
the school phase.I had to get through it,maybe then I would
enter the filmi style college life without my dad breathing
down my throat to keep company to my siblings at every
moment of my life.

In the end,I ended up in this strict college,thanks to my
dad who was ever present to re enforce his commands.We
werent allowed to wear pants,nothing knee length or
shorter,it was just salwar kameez and long skirts and
tops.The college had a good rapport as to having excellent
lecturers,good teaching skills and all but by then I was
turning 18 and my dreams of living the ideal college life
was fading away.I had to stay in a hostel and I was like,"No
way! Jail me entry dobara....mene kisi ka kya bigada

You cannot go out,you cannot loiter around,you cannot
bunk,you cannot watch movies first day ,first show,you had
to all things yourself and still had to listen to some
authority figure.I was frustated,so I did the only thing I
could.Study and keep on studying well.

Within months of beginning my degree,I realised many things.

1) Whats with these never ending studying,notes,lectures,why
is microbiology so hard? I actually wanted to slap myself
everytime I sat for hours in the library making notes and
studying for microbiology.To be honest,I actually simply
ticked on microbiology,coz I thought I wouldnt get a seat.To
my shock,girls were being [particular not to choose this
subject,coz they all knew what it included and I,stupid as
Iam, didnt know what it was.

2) Since its an all women's college,no guys to feast eyes on
or vice versa,there could be no infatuations,no ladke ko
impress karne ke liye fashion karne ka masla.I had such a
horrid,boring wardrobe in my college days.It all contained
very few salwar kameez,long black skirts and T shirts.None
of them matched,none of them were even remotely
feminine,Even I wasnt remotely feminine.I had the shortest
hair,it was like Saif Ali Khan in Omkara.The one womanly
thing I did was buy a lakme lipstick which I wore soemtimes
and I wore eyeliner under my glasses.

But I had my share of fun back then.I made excellent friends
for life.I learnt many things from the ladies I knew.I did
everything I wanted to and dreamt of but I wont jot them
down .A gentleman never kisses and tells.I cant say a lady
coz ladies cannot keep anything to themselves.They spill the
beans very easily when there are eager ears around.

I was actually watching some of these old songs from the
movies of the 90s and It just came all back to me as to what
I thought life was.But at age 34,I stand corrected.Life is a
bitch.She has to bite you at times for you to learn your
lesson.ANd a lesson learnt well.


  1. “none of them were even remotely feminine, Even I wasnt remotely feminine” hahha

    love the humour in ur posts

    u know d thing I remember abt u is this two different avatars.

    One, in 9th std we were in separate sections A & B so hardly interacted. But u always gave the vibe of being very jovial & least bit interested in mugging up for ur exams.

    Then In 11th & 12th we were in for a shock. Because u suddenly turned into this new avatar of studious suzy. U were very focused & determined that you shud do well in academics. U put in a lot of work. U spent hours in d library. I remember asking u once abt it & u had said that ya I want to study well. U had become serious about your scores & tests.


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