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I was following the baby Taara case on the telly recently.Its such a sad state of affairs really.A mother getting into the wrong hands,her 3 children sold to people for use and one nearly in her death bed.What has the world come to? Did the mother really feel the need to remarry instead of going back to her parents? Its all a case of not having the ability to make the right minded decisions at the right time and not trusting oneself to be independent on their own.

Flesh trade,what has the world come to? Is the desperation become too much to handle that 3 yr old seem to be used in this? I was aware of children as young as 5 yr old been sold for sex in Asian countries and our India is not new to this phenomena whatsoever.With red light areas designated for men and women who cannot seem to control their primal urges,they still seem to search high and low for parents and people who for the sake of a few rupees ,would sell their own in a heart beat.

We,humans ,in the name of having minds a…