Mar 6, 2012


I was following the baby Taara case on the telly recently.Its such a sad state of affairs really.A mother getting into the wrong hands,her 3 children sold to people for use and one nearly in her death bed.What has the world come to? Did the mother really feel the need to remarry instead of going back to her parents? Its all a case of not having the ability to make the right minded decisions at the right time and not trusting oneself to be independent on their own.

Flesh trade,what has the world come to? Is the desperation become too much to handle that 3 yr old seem to be used in this? I was aware of children as young as 5 yr old been sold for sex in Asian countries and our India is not new to this phenomena whatsoever.With red light areas designated for men and women who cannot seem to control their primal urges,they still seem to search high and low for parents and people who for the sake of a few rupees ,would sell their own in a heart beat.

We,humans ,in the name of having minds above all animals,seem to be faltering and becoming one with the animals.

Even out here,kids aren't safe anymore.I hate people who let their kids play without supervision just about anywhere,parents who allow their kids to dress like sluts ( merely appear way older than they are) in the name of fashion.I know of parents who dress their daughters in minis and halter tops and their reason being,they are kids,they possibly cant look vulgar wearing all that.Allow them to wear makeup and thanks to our telly's,V channel and MTV or whatever is the popular scene nowadays,kids behave like older women,their favourite artistes.They will flip their hair,wear heels and lip glosses,strut like a supermodel and when men or boys ogle them,the rest of the world becomes a pervert.

I watched this woman carrying this slogan and shouting something on the lines of,Don't tell us how to dress,tell the perverts to mind their business.Yeah right ! We will just warn the perverts and they will listen to us obediently.What a stupid woman? That's like telling ,I'm not gonna carry an umbrella but just tell the clouds to shut in the rains.

Sexual predators see no age,no puberty,male or female ! What is easy to catch hold of,that's their prey for the day.You have a teenager for a son or daughter,teach them to be respectful of their the people they see.Just don't mindlessly blame hormones when they get into trouble.Keeping teens on hold is difficult,I know first hand,but teach your kid to not give into peer pressure into losing her virginity or marking his area.Teach them about love,respect,teach them the pros and cons,and lastly teach them awareness.Make them aware of things,make them see what it is to sleep around mindlessly ,be it a boy or a girl.

Teach them of our culture and traditions.Don't let them be westernised coz its what is "in" nowadays.They should know the consequences of the trouble they will get into.They should know they will be punished for every bad deed they do but ultimately,you mean good to them.You love them no matter what and they can confide in you without fear.I know striking the balance is the difficult part but when you bring children into this world,everything else has to be dealt with.You cannot caste them away when you want and cuddle them when you feel like.Your child should should always know,no matter what hell breaks out ,outside their homes,they can always come in for shelter and be protected.

This case had been bothering me for days and I couldn't sleep well.Its really a bad world out there but its the only world we've got and the only time we'll ever live on it and we have to work on it,day in and day out,for our survival and the future of the people we leave behind.


  1. I know one thing dress according to the place. And, of course dress decently. It's not about country. These days I shop at NYC and I have seen Americans looking weirdly at those who dress up over the top. Too much skin is never in except for on the beaches or ramps.

  2. I Agree! People should act thier age. If kids are kids then act like one!

  3. Yes Saru and Jenny,in a hurry to be all westernised ,we tend to adopt certain things which in the end just ruin things for us instead of make us seem advanced and cool.
    Thats in New york right,I look in India or Kuwait for that matter,its so strnage when kids are in a hurry to grow up too fast and parents just go along with it coz they dont want to hurt the kid's feelings or feel they dont wanna be too old fashioned in front of others.
    Someone out there is always looking at you or yuor kids wrong,so educate them and yourself about the wickedness out there.


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