Aug 13, 2011

100 things about me !

1) I dont like drinking plain milk and I rarely do on instuctions of a
    doctor,by pinching on my nose and in one gulp.

2) Im claustrophobic,any closed small place sends me into a full blown
    panic attack.

3) If I eat too many (2 eggs/day)eggs,mangoes and jackfruits,I get a
   nosebleed after 3 days.

4) Im addicted to tea/coffee (caffiene fix from them),in the past 4
   hours, I had 3 mugs of it.Normally I have upto 8 mugs.

5) I hate making chapathis at all cost,I have made them only twice in 33
    years.They never come out right but I just dread making them.

6) I walked 2.5 kms,in the midst of chest pains,not being able to
    breathe,pain in jaw and left arm, thinking I had severe gas only to
    discover I was on the verge of a major heart attack in the emergency
    room 3 days later.

7) It takes me years to trust someone.

8) I dont easily forgive and never ever forget.

9) I have a bad case of sweet tooth.

10) I love to wear flowers on my head and have only worn them 4 times
      in my life.

11) I dont have kids but I have bathed many of my friend's new borns
     ,fed them,put them to sleep,clean their poop and pee,put a crying baby
     to sleep,inserted tablets in their tiny bums,put up with a gassy
     baby,changed their circumcised bandages,held their puke in my
     hands,been vomitted, peed and pooped on by them.

12) I have pulled water from wells,I have carried matkas on my waist to
     bring water from neighbours to my grannys.

13) I have brought cows home from grazing pastures,,I have gathered
     grass and hay from people's home for my cow and my neighbours,I have
     made cow dung cakes and gathered cow dung from meadows.

14) I have lit fire for home cooking,gathered wood and sticks for it.

15) I have washed clothes by the river on a stone and dried them by the

16) I caught some kind of snake once and brought it home only to have
     my mom and granny scream their skulls off to throw it away.

17) I kicked my cousin bro hard in the nuts once coz he jokingly asked
      so .

18) I passed out along with a friend at a bachelorette party after 4
      shots of tequilla.

19) I hate being alone but have been alone a lot ...sometimes for
      days...I mean a hell of a lot.

20) I cannot have stay overs at anyone's place.I can stay at a hotel
      but not in someone's house.I stay awake the whole night,if I happen to
      be at someone's home.

21) I dont like fruit salads,chaats,burgers,pizza,potatoes (except
     french fries),etc.

22) I dont like being complimented to my face.I rather hear it in a
      conversation without any stress put on it.

23) I hate being pampered by anyone and only a very chosen few are
     allowed which includes mom,2 of my aunts and my husband.Even when    Im  at a hospital,I dont like people doing things for me and I discourage them
     by saying so.

24) I once ate this medication recommended by my doctor and with 3
     tablets in 3 days,I lost 40% of my hair over a month,lost a tiny bit of
     my eye sight and went gaga and chopped off 4 inches of my own hair

25) I once didnt go to the doctor in time coz I was too busy and a
      month later,when I had full blown tonsillitis,chest infection,ear
      infection,couldnt hear,lost my voice,had fever and was taken to the
     hospital by my brother at 2am coz because of my full blown sinusitis,I
     was having severe head aches.I was on intravenous drip for 4 days in
     the hospital.

26) I have never watched a horror flick in my life alone.

27) I cried a lot, a lot......lotttttttttt after watching Artificial

28) The day I learnt one couldnt contract leprosy from a touch,I made
     it a point to give money to this leper,May God guide his soul,in his
     hand and touched him.Before that,like all,I just put money in his bowl.

29) As a kid,I ate chocolates every time ( I still do but less) and
      once ate 24 bars(4 inch long) in one shot.

30) I have taken a tanga ride twice in my life.

31) My sister and I took a train ride ,for me the first and last
      time,all the way to Goa and local train in mumbai.

32) I tied a rakhi on a friend only once in my life.

33) I brush twice a day without fail.

34) AT home,I always tie my hair up like Lara Croft.

35) I have never done a facial treatment,manicure or pedicure.

36) I started writing my diary in 11th std and still do but rarely.

37) I cut my first onion when I was 19.

38) I learnt cycling when I was 16 yrs old.

39) I learnt swimming when I was 20 yrs old.

40) I think Urmila matondkar,Shilpa shetty,Sri devi,JAya prada, Karisma
      Kapoor,Parveen Bhabi(had),Zeenat Aman have an amazing figure.

41) I wore my first pair of lens when I was 21 yrs old.

42) I started coloring my hair when I was 20 yrs old.

43) As a kid,I believed (for 2 yrs) I was a reincarnation of an
      egyptian queen and that some day,an alien ship would take me to my  home planet where they awaited their queen's arrival.

44) I have watched only 4 black and white hindi movies.

45) I have always found Govinda's movies to be hilarious.

46) I enjoy cooking most of the time and especially for my husband.

47) I love masala dosa very very much.

48) I dont know how to eat a small thorny fish and havent eaten one in
     my entire life.

49) I love the beach and can sit for hours in a good weather.

50) I have eaten pork,mutton,goat meat,beef,camel meat,rabbit
      meat,turkey,hen,cock meat,quail meat, crab, prawns/shrimps, lobsters, most  kinds of big n medium fish( I know names in arabic) and tortoise meat.

51) Im extremely organised.

52) Im not fashion or brand conscious,I wear what I like.

53) I have always been good with kids.

54) I have never worn sleeveless(outside) or a bikini,or a
       strapless,short shorts or a micro mini.

55) I compliment only when its deserving.

56) There were 2 points in life,I lost all faith in God.One during high
      school for 2 years and for another 2 years when I was told I couldnt
      conceive ever.

57) I quit drinking milk tea 6 years ago and drink only black coffee or
      tea without sugar.

58) I love the smell of petrol.

59) I wont even make an effort to talk to someone who seems or is
      boring or is a loner by nature.

60) When I like something I eat or drink,I usually eat/drink it so
     often that one day,Im bugged and I just quit eating it for years.

61) I became the one thing I never wanted or thought I would be, till
      it happened,a housewife.

62) I broke my nose in a car accident.

63) I had to wear braces to get my teeth straight and In line.

64) I once as a teen had this weird skin condition which led to
      hairfall like crop circles on my head,lost all eye lashes and parts of
     my eye brows.It was stress induced skin condition.

65) I have never worn a bindi in my life.

66) We both eloped and I married my husband of 9 1/2 years.

67) I dont like small or tiny hand bags or clutches or purses.

68) I hate carrying and yakking on my mobile phone anywhere.

69) I find colored tatoos sexy but never found a tatoo shop ever to get

70) At one point I owned 15 pairs of expensive shoes and wore only 6

71) I have seen a red moon once 4 years ago when My husband and I were
      smoking shisha(arabic smoke pipes) by the beach.

72) I have handled a shotgun once only .

73) As a kid ,I have fished out pearls from a few oysters.

74) I once stole an eraser from a bookshop when I was 9( coz my
     classmates asked me to) and got the crap beat out of me by my dad,on
      being confronted.

75) I never and dont like dolls coz they scare me to death.

76) I dont like apples.

77) I have worn a sari only 5 times in my life.

78) I have worn a ghagra choli only once in my life as a kid.

79) In the past 9 1/2 years ,I have attended only 2 weddings.

80) I never became a dulhan coz I got married in court.

81) I refrain from talking to anyone who doesnt look at me while

82) I have no respect for soft guys,men who cant stand up for their
     women or men who dont have a strong identity.

83) I saw a transvestite (chakka) when I was 20 yrs old and I feared
     them in general,Until I saw the movie "Tamanna" and another   documentary and it changed my outlook on them forever and Now I dont fear them anymore.

84) I have a fascination for soaps and shower gels,the fruitier/flowery
      they are,the more I buy them.

85) When it comes to juice,I drink Orange for 95% of the time and maybe
       a pineapple or a watermelon.

86) I love bittergourd juice very much.

87) I had a boycut for nearly 15 years of my life.

88) I used to bite my nails up to the age of 23.

89) I once gave my blood for a total stranger in a hospital.

90) I have witnessed 2 burials in my life,one of some relative and
     one,my first,of a woman being buried and I was curious,so I went ahead
     and watched her sons bury her.

91) I love walking bare feet,makes me feel closer to mother Earth.

93) I love tamil songs and movies though I dont understand a single
      word,except kadal.I feel they are most earthy than hindi movies,dont
     ask me why ! I even love african languages and songs coz I feel they
     are natural and from the heart.

94) On a sad note, I havent heard my parent's voice in 10 years or
      havent seen them either.I caught a glimpse of them 5 years ago.

95) Other than my in laws, I was floored and almost in tears when an
      aunty told me,Im just like a "beti" to them.

96) I once saw Dharmendra in the Mumbai Airport as a kid.

97) My husband and I make a point to hug each other everyday ( have
      done so upto now),especially when he comes from work .

98) I still eat the very ice cream I ate as a 3 yr old,chocolate cup
      and lulu choco bar.

99) In cakes,I like only vanilla and chocolate,maybe with nuts on
      them,other than that, nothing fruit flavoured or with fruits in them.

100) Even though I complain and throw a fit every now and then,I feel


  1. my god...this is so fascinating
    just when we think we know someone, the person comes up with a surprise
    i've read till point 35. today is sunday. just woke up. so not able to finish, gotta do tings....but m coming bak to it at leisure again :)
    till then...see ya

  2. aah it was so nice reading this. some i was like totally shocked,some i knew,some i went really??

    nosebleed thing: ohh :((
    pt 50: OHHH MYYY GODDD! i wish i could too
    pt 75: same here.wonder y most girls are so crazy abt them / teddys/soft toys. for me, its nice to see but noting more. but no i am not scared by them. y r u scared?
    pt 77: 5 that's all!!! wonder what were those occasions!? u wore them on ur own or someone draped it for u?
    pt 79: only 2!!! thats really surprisin! me toh countless
    pt 82: poor things! heheh

    this is the kind of post u wanna come back & read again

  3. how many days you took to to consolidate this post....i mean its so lengthy yet you made it so interesting.....and i am just not able to comment on point by point..but i enjoyed it....really.

  4. It took me a long time to write this Mr.Irfan. I got this idea from a fellow blogger.
    I havent written many things yet about me coz they could be simply be shocking,devastating or plain sad.You look at someone and you think,she/he has had the perfect life or nothing must have gone bad for them and one hasnt seen the atrocities of life yet,believe me you,I have seen the worst life can offer and sometimes I shock myself by,leave tohers ,by bein cool and untethered.
    Sujatha ,its my pleasure.Dolls crept me out ever since I was a kid,thanks to some creepy horror flicks like chuck and some other ones earlier in life.Saris was college day,simply once to church,thrice on weddings after marriage.
    Everyone returns to India or pakistan to have their weddings,so that they can be amonsgt family.
    You dont want to be married to a soft guy,you want men to be manly.We cant be excelling in everything.They have been given balls and strong muscles compared to our delicate sleves for a reason,right !

  5. Posts like this make ou wonder,ponder, about yourself,your life,about your friends,gives you an insight and perspective.We all have seen hell in this world itself ,in some form or other but "rising up from the ashes",forgiving the circumstances and yourself and instead of ruining it and crying over it,changing your path to make it better and leaving it in God's hand to handle the dicks who ruined it for you and hoping for a better life.

  6. This is Suzy revealed! I donno why or what, but there was a sense of, well how do i put it, emptiness or just an overwhelming feeling! I guess you miss your parents too much in life and is a single most thorn that pricks that you every now and then with everything you do. Just felt it...not sure. :-). You are a rock star :-) and a woman of extraordinary strength.

  7. I havent revealed that much,I still have a lot of surprises. No Padma ,if you asked me 5 years ago,I would have said maybe I feel empty,but Now I dont.You learn so much about yourself when you go through hell and back.Im a rock star indeed.I dont feel bad or sorry for anyone very easily.It takes a lot for my heart to melt at people's "sad" life.God was,has been and still is my true strength and thanks to him,a good husband has been his most excellent gift to me ever.

  8. I am so glad Suzy. it is the few blessed who find their true love. god bless..inshallah!


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