Aug 14, 2011

Vegetable soup

Things one should do firstly ,before cooking,in order to save time and not lose one's cool.

This serves around 3 people or 2 or more ,depends on the appetite and hunger.

3 Carrots shredded finely

quarter of a cabbage shredded finely

green beans,around 25 or 20 should suffice

2 medium sized onions chopped fine(cut lengthwise and then the lengths cut again)

Garlic paste 3 pods

1 inch ginger grated fine

2 springonions roughly chopped for garnish

2tbspn coriander chopped for garnish

2 tbspn soya sauce

2tbspn vinegar

2inches of capsicum thinly sliced

At least a liter of chicken /vegetable stock,if not plain water.

2tbspn cornflour mixed with water to make watery paste.

In a wok or any deep vessel,add oil about 3 tbspn.Non stick works great actually with little oil coz other vessels,the stuff sticks at the bottom.If its non stick,one has to make sure to keep stirring to avoid its sticking to the base.

Add the onions,saute them,followed by garlic ,ginger.When they are slightly light golden brown,add carrot,beans .

The carrots are shredded,so cook faster.You want a little crunch and not entirely softened.Add cabbage.Check your veggies.

Add soya sauce,stir fry and add stock /water.Stock is much better though.With water the taste is just a notch down,I mean lighter.

Bring a boil,add capsicum.You can add sliced mushrooms too when you add cabbage.Thats if you like.

Add 2 tbspn of cornflour paste.

Add salt to taste and vinegar.

Before adding the stock,you can add boiled chicken breasts shredded.Or chicken meat,boiled and shredded into it.

It will be slightly thick now.Bring another boil and thats it.

GArnish in a bowl with spring onions and coriander leaves.

Its healthy and nice.Chao !

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