Aug 17, 2011

Smelly Tongue

If you're reading this,then you are wondering how on earth can a tongue be smelly,was someone sucking on it or taking a whiff.

Nah! Im not going all kinky on this blog coz it aint my style,but before I go to actually stating why I chose this topic,let me continue to fill this blog to make it appear lengthier,like its been really thought on.Im just writing as I blab in my mind.

Many of us have bad breath and the cosmetic and gum industry has worked pretty hard on solving this issue.Some smoke too much,some dont brush enough,some eat crap before meeting someone,some stomach give burps enough to send chills down your spine.

Spoken to anyone who has halitosis? If you havent,please dont try.You will hurt someone's feeling or just plainly throw up.I once had this unwanted pleasure at a wedding.I dont think the poor woman even knew she had breath enough to make someone faint.I put on the bravest face without clenching it,spoke to her for 10 minutes and only after she left,went out and took a deep breath.I had practically held my breath.

Now the reasons for this are not brushing enough and properly,not flossing,not rinsing mouth after any meal,smoking too much,not cleaning tongue or gargling crap out your mouth.

If you're doing all this and it still stinks ,perhaps you have some dental problem.Dont know anything about that,maybe some rotten tooth or decay or really dont know.

Out of the many rememdies for this,the best they said was - munching on fennel seeds served after a meal at indian restaurants and then mint chewing gum.Go for sugar free gum coz incase you have a problem with sweets,sugar free are a great option.The scientists said that chewing on coriander or mint leaves didnt do the trick or even green tea for that matter.

Now the fun part of learning how bad your own breath is ,without putting anyone else through that torture of smelling your mouth,is...

Stick your tongue out completely.

Now the back of your arm,wrist,press it against the tongue as hard as you can.

Let it air dry a bit for a few seconds.

Now enjoy smelling it.

Thats your breath,thats what others smell when you talk to them.

Have a good dental clean up !


  1. very minor things we most of the people avoid.well it was a nice reading though. liked it

  2. what a makeover! lovely! blog layout / color/ d sexy girl at the top -- hahha all inviting :)

    n hey u write like JamesJoyce...ooooh!

  3. Thank you Sujatha.I wanted a girlish change myself.
    Ms.Unspoken,thank you for the compliment.Im taking a peek into your teetotum too and hopefully will go through them and leave my footprints to find.
    Ladies,thank you.


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