Aug 3, 2011

My dead dishtv

My dish Tv expired a few days ago and it was like the end of world .We get a few local channels but just the thought of missing out on what I watch regularly made me bored to death and made me stir crazy just not being able to watch my regular programs.I dont watch this saas bahu crap at all,Its usually hindi movies and english series and national goegraphic ,discovery and animal planet.

Without it I felt ,now I wouldnt know how the lions survived in the desert.I wouldnt know how they hunted,how they jumped on their prey,I wondered how many frogs I would see miss jumping across leaves and trees.How many monkeys and chimps I would miss watching eating fruits and flowers and other little monkeys.How many insects would hunt and how many elepahnts and bisons I would miss giving birth.

I wondered what if I missed that episode of friends which i have seen a zillion times,Iam totally lost wothout my Tv.We have gotten to used to our television that if apocalypse hit us in a few days and Tv didnt exist anymore,we would be like those chopped headless chickens who still struggle but dont know what to do.For that matter even the internet,we do so many things,some useful and mostly useless stuff online.We dont know basics of surviving on our own isnt it.

I just got a titanium package recharged which will come on by tomorrow.My husband always says all you do is watch these discovery stuff as if you will very soon be surviving on your own.True ! Touchwood,that day doesnt seem to come near at least in this life time.But I personally think,gaining knowledge of any kind cannot be all that useless,isnt it ! Watching an animal give birth,like us,they too struggle for hours and without any medication and help bring life into this world.The struggles of turtle hatchlings into the sea,the very function of trees on this earth which seems to be on a decline,so is the melting of glaciers and what not.The greenhouse effect,change in weather....we all are witnessing to this phenomenon in our very lifetime.

When i was a kid ,back in the 80s,cold season in kuwait was severe.There was fog,extreme cold to the extent we had to wear gloves,mufflers and what not to keep ourselves warm,but now ,post gulf war,there is no cold out here.As the years go by,one can roam around wearing short sleeves ,its like a cool summer and nothing cold about it.

Look at me,talking about global warming......

We are a lazy people of this world.Dependent on technology for each and everything.We look for shortcuts in everything,be it cooking,working at our homes or anything.I always thought as a kid,when I grow up,I will be a working woman,perfect housewife and a great mother.Like my mom ,who struggled to get everything right and almost did,I too wished to be like that.I remember my mom cooking banquets for 30 people all by herself,not just one dish but 5 or 6 dishes.I can cook for 10 with ease and come up with 2 -3 dishes at the most,at the end of which,I feel dizzy and have evaporated about 80% of my body water.

People back then had social gatherings and thought about how to make themselves and each other better by solving certain issues.When they got bored,they had family games,family picnics,where the whole family got together,spoke about their pasts and other forthcomings.Everyone learnt something from their experiences.I remember my grandmas,both ofthem,talking about their lives and it was like looking at life,the simple way,a way we dont know of anymore.

Now we dont have such gatherings coz it means spending a lot of money.Time we think is better spent sleeping at home then spending with friends.I know such events are an expensive affair but pooling in for once a month,is it that difficult?

My dishtv died on me and I was worried for myself.And for the past 4 -5 days,I kept thinking about why cant we do this and that instead of rotting in our homes by ourselves.The thing,one person trying to organise everything,while others just shoot the idea down because of this and that.For most of us,just living our life everyday is a big chore..we dont have time for this or that..there are kids,busy lives,no time to rest reasons.We are teaching our kids,we all live for ourselves and they rather sit in front of the telly or computer or mobiles and play by themselves,than interact and have a social life.

We are becoming slaves to our lifestyle....that why I weep over my dishtv.Plus 2 of my social friends are on vacation..I miss them totally.


  1. oh TV...thats boring ya...

    but lately i hardly get time on the telly. its always dominated by Tan's cartoons. in d mornings whn i CAN watch, there's nothing on it. evenings, whn i WANT to watch, she's there. so lately hardly watching much tv. so full time on net. no wonder got that horrible eyes yesterday

  2. ohhh TV, i just forgot about watching Tv and the reason my dear Kids want Cartoons whenever free from studies and apart from that my lovely wife n my dear mother will be there for the SAAS-BAHU serials.....and poor me..:(


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