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Lamb pulao

I want to share this very simple lamb pulao recipe today.Though I dont exactly cook it this way coz i tend to add veggies and a lot more masala into it which gets a bit complicated,this is very simple.Anyone who cant spare too much time over a stove can prepare it at home within 45 minutes.

This is for half kg mutton.Can use simple basmati rice with it.I always think there should be at least 2 bones with marrow in it,makes the meat and the mutton stew even more tasty.You'll need 2 coffee mugfull of rice,wash the rice and soak it for at least half an hour.The excess starch washes out plus it takes lesser time to cook.

I cook with a cooker coz without it ,it takes just a very long time,time none of us neither have nor love to give.In a cooker,add the meat,pour water to cover the meat and add 1 tbsp of haldi.Let it boil without the lid on.You will notice some brown foam collecting on top of it.Immediately switch the stove off and throw out the water.It takes around 14 mins or so to boil.After that,just wash the cooker with water,pour the meat and water into it again.AT least an inch and half or 2 above the meat.Chop an onion roughly,6 garlic cloves whole,an inch of ginger grated,5 cloves,6 black pepper seeds whole,2tbsp of salt,1tsp haldi,1tspn red chilli powder,can add green chillies as per spiciness you can eat,2 inch long dalchini stick.put the lid on and give it a good 15 minutes.Now the meat get cooked differes all the times.AFter 15 mins,open the cooker and taste it.It shouldnt be chewy,a bite should be very easy.If its not done,check for water content,add more if required but get the boil right.

Once the meat has gotten tender properly,strain the meat and keep both the meat and stew separately aside.In the cooker,add oil,and the meat with the with bits of onions and all in it,add to the oil and fry them for a while.When the onions turn brown or golden brown,add the rice and fry it around for a min or 2.Now add the shorba in it.The water level should be at least an inch over the rice and meat layer below.Give it a boil and then on very low heat,cover it well and tight and let it cook on dum for 15 -20 minutes.

If you know to make vegetable pulao,this will be easy too.

Once you know how to make this pulao well,you can next time add boiled eggs towards the end or roasted pine/cashew nuts or garnish it with coriander or parsley.Or even while making the stew one can add veggies like brinjal,cauliflower,potatoes in the mix with the meat.


  1. hmm have to copy this on to a word doc, take a print & TRY IT OUT!

    u know, usually i dont like messing around with mutton (given my cooking skills). mutton is damn costly Rs 300 per kg so better safe than sorry is my mantra.

    but knowing ur tried n tested recipe, will try this 1 dis weekend

  2. Really,had no idea it costs so much there.Here iN Kuwait,it amounts to almost the same ,maybe 30 Rs more.Getting a good quality meat is a tricky thing.Butchers usually sell older sheep meat which takes a while to cook unlike a lamb meat.Our trusted butcher has his shop pretty far from my home.My husband is very particular with the meat he buys.Is a boon and sometimes pure madness.

  3. hello everyone - fellow followers of this blog & also invisible readers -pls try this recipe. its gooood


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