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9 Best Ways to Apply Multani Mitti for Dry Skin at Home
Fuller’s Earth, or commonly referred to as Multani Mitti in India, is a clay substance which is proven to have healing and other beneficial properties for the skin. Being rich in magnesium chloride, it helps in reducing acne as well. Dry skin can be quite bother some especially during the winter months when the skin feels itchy and irritable. Most people can afford to buy this substance as it is pocket-friendly and has no proven side effects as well. Therefore, it can be said that multani mitti is beneficial for dry skin.
Listed below are some of the best ways to apply homemade multani mitti for Dry Skin. Multani Mitti and Honey:

Multani mitti and honey can be mixed together to form an effective face pack for dry skin. All you need to do is make a paste and apply it to your skin. It will help infuse moisture into your face, giving it a radiance that you might not have witnessed before. You should apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it on for around 20 …

Neer dosa or Panpaley

The whole recipe is mentioned below and after a lot of digging I came through this great recipe.I loved this dosa all my life and till now eat by the 10s when I get a chance.So I gotta try this...its findin the right rice that has got my neer dosa browning and cracking.Nobody could tell a proper recipe and something I have learnt as an adult,many good cooks dont share their recipes honestly in all goes.....

Rice and Coconut Crepes (Neer Dosa) Recipeby SALA @ VEGGIE BELLY on MARCH 11, 2014
Neer dosa is a savory rice and coconut crepe from southern India. I first had neer dosa when my mother’s best friend Jayanthi Aunty, took me to Mathsya, an Udipi style restaurant in Chennai, India. She insisted I get these delicate, coconutty dosas. But I was hesitant at first. I like my dosas big, golden and crisp. These were quite the opposite – soft and delicate. But still, I let Jayanthi Aunty order neer dosas for me. Now, I’m usually super picky and particular about what I order …