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A Daily Routine !

What is a daily routine like? Many of my friends always ask me what do I do the whole day as I have no kids of my own to run after.And having been around kids and had my own share of experiences of what it is to take care of kids and teens,I always wonder what makes it so busy for mothers who say they hardly find time to breathe around them.Maybe Im wrong..who knows right ! I find it a joy actually taking care of kids,all it requires is a certain discipline I suppose.My mom did,I did...anyways Im here to talk about my routine.

Well,Since Im a housewife...Im the maid,the cook,the wife,the friend,the girlfriend(ahem...romancing !) to my husband,aunty to the rest,tution teacher to the kids and friends to my many roles to play (except the working woman)..hehehehe.....

Besides this...I wake up and give a good solid moment (half an hour) of pause to my body.Not very young anymore ,so have to give a little rest to my loose back.

Then its all about what to cook.Every housewife and coo…