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Controlling Parents

Controlling parents are a very common issue among Asian countries.Unlike the west,in Asia ,parents depend on their children especially the son to look after them as they grow old and are pretty close knit compared to the west.That's why we have joint families.The reason we have them is to have many a pair of helping hands,distributed responsibilities,its cost effective and includes free babysitting of kids and care of the old in the hands of anyone who's free.
But 99% of the time, as we grow older,we get accustomed to a certain kind of bonding,a certain kind of expectations from the younger generation and its taken for granted to expect a certain kind of bondage in the name of being parents or demanding siblings or whatever.So every time we don't do things a certain way,we are called irresponsible or trying to get away from caring for them or being judged for not doing something in the eyes of God or the eternal blackmail of we sacrificed this and that our entire life for y…


You must be wondering what the heck has she written about urine.Is it one the tests she had taken or some disease.

Actually yesterday some friend of my husband told him that eating camel meat stew is beneficial for people with muscle and bone problems and that very soon he would make me feast on it.I personally love camel meat,its tastier,lighter than beef,its just a beautiful meat but its a little more time to cook than the normal meat.So I thought why not find out the benefits of camel meat and while doing so,came across this article about camel urine benefits.

Don't go yuck people,I think in India,people bathe in cow urine when they have some skin infection.My brother and I did this as very small kids.We had been on a holiday to India and developed some skin eczema or chicken pox or as usual my granny said try this as well when the western medications failed.I know camel meat may not be available in India as commonly as out here but there is nothing wrong in know…

Losing a baby!

It was one of the most dreadful things I have heard in my recent mature life.My good friend lost her a 6 day baby girl to God on Friday.I cannot imagine her sorrow,I cannot imagine her pain.

A couple of months ago she told me that her baby wasn't formed right and the doctors had told her that the baby wouldn't survive.She could pass away during birth or immediately after that.I remember that phone call and I cried so much that day.I can understand an older person passing away but a baby or a child? I tried to imagine or rather feel what my Friend was going through but it was beyond my grasp.

I kept thinking I could never handle the news at all.I questioned God's decision and plan for my friend over and over again.She told me she was meant to have this baby and she would give birth to her and hoped for the best till the very end.From that day onwards,I had a new respect for this woman and was so proud because now she was now a strong example to not just me but women around.Sh…