Jun 7, 2015

Ramadan Food Part- 1 Intro

Ramadan is 10 days away and as usual, as it approaches every year,so many things have to be put to order.

Firstly, for those who are diabetic and have certain diseases, the medications and their timings get altered,so I think many people consult their doctors as the first few days can be very difficult.The sugar is going down...Blood pressure gets unstable..but most of us...have all these sorted out already.

Secondly, making prayer a must in my routine.Now to be frank I make it a priority to do my prayers and read the holy book as much as possible.I abstain from some of my favourite things and a change of lifestyle happens like my hubby quitting smoking during the day.

Thirdly, cooking.What to cook???? A question every woman asks herself.There was a time when iftari was all about stuffing our faces with pulaos and biriyanis and heavy stuff,trying to replenish or make up for all the hours you didn't hog.In the end,we just gained weight and what should have helped you lose some pounds become the romantic affair of eating and piling the pounds on.

Anyways, lots of people have gatherings they attend.Families or friends coming over or inviting us over to open fast.Over the years, we have changed the way we eat especially during Ramadan.

Why am I boring anyone reading this....we are here for the food! I love to cook and try out recipes,so always on the look out for improving My skills ,be it cutting or cooking.Just to bring a change in the usual food,I have decided to put up cooking videos I watch on YouTube of these amazing people who have a great passion for cooking,are foodies and put out recipes for daily cooking,simple cooking or extravagant, sweet or spicy or savoury.

But I will put up recipes that are more Indian or Pakistani or Arab.I love sweets but being diabetic wont put up those videos.Also,I ain't putting up the normal recipes that we generally cook.I hope you will enjoy these posts from these women and men.

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