Jan 21, 2012

Heart Attack

I had been wanting to write on this topic for quite some time but now with constant bombardment of doctor shows and health shows regarding this topic,I think it has to be finally written.

Many of us think that heart attack is limited to people who have crossed 50 but with the kind of lifestyle we live,thanks to the damn modernisation in every aspect of our life, what we call luxury ,is the eternal damnation of of our so called lazy lives.

Women are prone to heart attacks now compared to men and this is one thing that's always in news out here.Woman,age 32,died of a massive heart heart attack.Has left behind 3 kids less than 10 yrs of age.Man died of heart attack,43 yrs old.Body to be sent home in 3 days.its actually become a very common thing nowadays.

I was saved by the bell last year and coming to think of it,I actually thought I was invincible before all this coz I wasn't even 34 yet.As it will be explained later on in the blog, Please don't be a hypochondriac but consider this a health education to self and spread the word.You may help save some one's life.

When we think of a heart attack,we think,like in the movies,we will clutch on to our chest tightly,sweat and fall off.Well,it is a little bit like that but one most know heart attack in women in many ways compared to men.The reason being we have a low threshold for pain unlike men and we are in tune with our bodies a lot more.At least some women are.

Now some people have not many of the symptoms and will collapse and die ,which is like a major heart attack.And many of us have the symptoms but will still ignore it, confusing it with something else.

The most common symptoms are :-

Chest pain : You will feel this tightness,this ache in the center of your chest or a pressure as if someone is standing on your chest.It may either last for a few minutes or the pains will come and go.
Many women don't even feel chest pain but if you are,visit a doctor,check your blood pressure immediately.Mine was 221/190.A panic attack can also give the illusion of a heart attack but in that your pulse goes haywire but the blood pressure doesn't.In my case,it has been true quite many times.

Pain in the jaw,neck or back.My jaw would hurt when I had chest pains.It was like a climbing pain from the jaw,sometimes my head would ache as well.

Shortness of breath : When you run fast,there will be a point when you need to gather your breath, so you stop and calm yourself down.When you have this,you will feel out of breath and will try to take long deep breaths.
Shortness of breath seems to be a particularly important symptom for men and women, though it is often not thought of as a serious medical concern. This symptom seemed to be a particularly good indicator of heart troubles for people who were not previously aware that they had heart disease.

Some feel nauseous and may experience vomitting.I didn't feel so.

Indigestion : This I had.I thought I had gas but I couldn't pass any.I had hajmolas and Eno and lime tea and what not,but the feeling wouldn't just go.

Weakness,fatigue and dizziness: you could have all 3 or either or none.I would feel so tired that I just wanted to sleep.I couldn't help myself and would fall asleep.

Dizziness and lightheadedness.No, I Didn't feel these symptoms either.

In one study, women were more than twice as likely as men to experience nausea, vomiting, or indigestion as heart attack symptoms.

What are pre-heart attack symptoms?

Pre-heart attack or prodromal symptoms are symptoms that occur before a heart attack, generally from about 4 to 6 months to 1 week before (though some people report these symptoms up to 2 years before their heart attack).

Common pre-heart attack symptoms include :

Unusual fatigue

Sleep disturbance

Shortness of breath

Chest pain


A state of fear, worry or uneasiness, sometimes about future events. When a specific fear triggers the anxiety, the condition is called phobic anxiety.(A state of fear, worry or uneasiness, sometimes about future events. When a specific fear triggers the anxiety, the condition is called phobic anxiety.)

Pain in shoulder blade or upper back .(I had this,in my shoulder and back as well.)

It is important to be aware of pre-heart attack symptoms because if you recognize them, you can seek medical help immediately and potentially avoid a heart attack. Another reason to be aware of these prodromal symptoms is that often these same symptoms will be felt just before and during your heart attack.

Do women and men experience pain differently?

Some studies have shown that men and women perceive pain differently and this may help explain why men and women report different heart attack symptoms. Women have a lower threshold for pain, including pressure-type pain, than men. Several studies have found that when women experience chest pain, they rate it as more severe than men.Women may appear more likely to experience so-called atypical symptoms because they report a wider variety of symptoms and because they experience these symptoms more intensely than men.

Why is recognizing symptoms important?

Many heart attack patients, especially women, wait 2 hours or more after their symptoms begin before they seek medical help. This delay can result in death or long-lasting heart damage, and it is one of the reasons why women tend to experience worse outcomes after a heart attack than men.
5 Top reasons for heart Attacks :-

#1 High cholesterol
High cholesterol can be extremely dangerous, and particularly it can cause hardening of the arteries(atherosclerosis), which sequentially can lead to blocked coronary arteries, marked by chest pain, or a heart attack. Other severe problems such as blocked arteries to the brain, for example, can result in a stroke, while blocked arteries in the legs can create pain, limping and even disability.
Cholesterol is a fatty and wax-like material that is naturally present in the human body, and your body makes use of this cholesterol to create many different hormones, such as Vitamin D and the bile acids that assist to digest fat. Even though a certain amount of cholesterol is usual, if you have too much in your bloodstream then the surplus may be dumped in the arteries of the heart, which in turn can lead to heart disease.

#2 Diabetes
Some people believe that they need to have been born with diabetes for it to be a factor; but in fact, a person can get type two diabetes. Type two diabetes usually comes about when a person is very much overweight, particularly because of their diet. Too many people have a fondness for junk food, and junk food has a hefty amount of sugar in it. Eating too much sugar not only makes considerable weight increase, it also increases the level of sugar in the blood, which results in type two diabetes.
For people that have type two diabetes owing to years of eating junk food, heart disease is the next thing that typically happens. The fat from this food is absorbed into the blood flow, and over time the fatty substances build up in the arteries. Some people end up with arteries that are so blocked that they need bypass surgery.

#3 Hypertension or high blood pressure
Hypertensive heart disease is on the whole a more serious and dangerous form of heart disease and it is normally caused by uncontrolled and extended elevation of blood pressure, as this can lead to various changes in the myocardial structure, coronary vasculature, and conduction system of the heart.
Heart failure is a common complication of hypertensive heart disease, and it is often unrecognized.
#4 Smoking
The carcinogens found in cigarettes are part of the relationship between smoking and heart disease. These substances that are in the cigarette are absorbed into the blood stream. As a result, the blood becomes contaminated. As this blood is pumped through the heart, the nicotine from the cigarettes also develops in the blood stream. As an outcome, the blood becomes thick, which can create clotting. Also, the nicotine will develop in the valves leading to the heart, which increases the risk of heart attack.

#5 Stress
There are two types of stress: physical stress and emotional stress. The physical stress places quantifiable and reproducible demands on the heart, and it is this physical stress which is usually accredited as being good and in fact, the lack of physical stress is what considered as being a major risk factor for heart disease.
Then there is the relationship between emotional stress and heart disease.
The main factor that stress is so likely to cause heart disease is because the rush in adrenaline that is caused by severe emotional stress results in causing the blood to thicken more readily, thus significantly increasing the risk of heart attacks and other coronary problems.

Now, Let me tell you about me.I had chest pains,jaw pain,shortness of breath,shoulder pain,indigestion and fatigue for 3 days,after which I decided to meet with the doctor.I was at my aunt's place when she just checked my blood pressure coz she was worried.When the reading showed 200/160 ( normal is 120/80) ,she asked my hubby to take me to the hospital.

Anyways,I casually went to the clinic where my blood pressure read 150/100 but she made a paper out asking to check myself out in the emergency before going home at the main hospital.2 hours of waiitng at the hospital in the normal waiting area,my turn came and when they checked me I was 220/180.I was rushed into the emergency room ad stripped and wired all over.They gave me medications,oxygen,tried to diaper me up(but I resisted strongly).
5 hours later,I wasnt showing any signs of normal vital signs and I was admitted.Every possible blood test,every vital organ checked and 7 days later,my doctor concluded It was all because of stress.Staying away from my hubby at nights ( coz men are not allowed in general wards and private rooms were fully booked) was adding to my on-going stress.I had 3 more of this attacks,very very minor ones during my stay.I stopped eating,dropped 7 kgs.At last,my doctor advised my hubby that I should be taken home.Maybe having him around would calm me down.When I was discharged my blood pressure was 170/150.And it did.It took me 4 months to acheive normalcy during which,I stopped taking salt,stopped meat and fruits.I wasnt allowed to walk for more than 15 minutes,not do anything strenous whatsoever.

So please pass this along and lets hope it benefits at least one soul someday.


  1. Thank God you survived from that phase bcoz ur blood pressure was really at a very dangerous level....and yes it does not matter what the age is, it can happen to any gender at any age.....

    You must take care of urself now.....

  2. My blood pressure is under control bhai.Thank you.Suji,its scary indeed.The reason was,I was aat this party,and my sis's friend lost her dad last yr to Massive heart attack.I think he was at a party when he had the attack and he died on his way to the hospital.She cried when his fav song came up coz she missed him so much.And I thought,an awareness is required.Even if you arent gonna have one,you can help recognise the symptoms in someone else and help them out.Doesnt always mean a skinny person is safe,it has nothing to do with the size of the body.

  3. Oh god that is scary ..
    I never go to get it checked as i think that adds to the stress, maybe i am stupid.

    I hope you are taking care of urself I guess proper food and exercise should help everyone if the ydo it properly ..



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