Sep 10, 2008

the Importance Of Going Out !!!!

The weather lately has been horribly humid,hot and dusty.Its been like this for weeks now.I literally cannot remember the last time I went to the beach.After a tiring week at home and working round the clock..all you want is ,to go out on the weekend and chillax.
But now when you step glasses go misty on me..I start hair is ruined and you dont feel good.Its like walking around in a Sauna Mall.Why????? Just waiting for the rains.The telly is not forgiving either.You have boring, horrid programs all day through.Like there was this hindi movie cheetah on...yup! the name suggests the gloriness of it.I love watching gives me some relief..I get a chance to laugh and clear my lungs out.But again the timings are odd.Im usually cooking or washing or cleaning up or doing some chore and I miss it out totally.

I want to click some new pictures of friends and family and add to my collection and all ,but so far,haven't got a chance to catch up to that either.

Yesterday the weather got so dusty within couldnt see anything beyond 20 feet.Which is still good..I have experienced dust storms where you cannot see anything beyond 6 feet.Seriously,I pray to God to let the weather change soon.Let the winter set in..let some rain wash down our dust and sins.hehehe.....

I think a tummy ache is on the rise here..gotta catch hold of some hajmola.hihiiii.....see ya Diary !

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