Oct 30, 2012

Beauty secrets : Multani Mitti

I was 20 when during my monthly eye brow shaping,my beautician was like you should try a facial.But I refused As my skin has been always too sensitive and the marks of anything and everything from simple burns to blemishes takes years to fade off.That's when she told me about multani mitti.As usual I didn't pay any attention initially but she was like,you can clean your face weekly with this mud pack made with rose water and your skin would be simply clean.I tried it whenever my eyes caught hold of the pack in my cupboard.Then 10 years later,it again became a staple in my cupboard but now I use it every week.

What is Multani mitti?

Its a type of mud,smells like clean mud and feels like mud on your skin.I reckon if one uses chemicals like bleach on the face,this would be a lovely soothing alternative in your beauty regimen.

I buy this chunk of of this rock like thing and sit at home and break them into small pieces and grind them in a mortar and pestle.I was scared to use my grinder,so I thought why not do it the old fashioned way.A small chunk makes quite a lot of powder and can come of use for months.

Multani Mitti is also called Fuller's earth.Now quality may differ if you are buying brands.I don't know of any brand,like I said I buy the chunk and powder it.

Benefits of Multani mitti aka Fuller's earth:

1. Improve health of the skin

Facial mask are very effective and not only make your skin glow, but also improve its health as well. Multani mitti will help to make you skin radiant and appealing by getting rid of blemishes and acne's. On the other hand, it also hydrates the skin, clear up black heads and whiteheads, and flush out toxins. Deep cleansing multani mitti will remove all the impurities and dead skin cells so that that the cream you use is absorbed more easily into the skin, leaving you feeling glowing and refreshed than ever before!

2. Reduces hair loss

Hair loss is normally temporary and is often triggered by hormonal problems, stress and post hormonal changes during delivery. Also, a deficiency in essential nutrients like iron, zinc and protein can cause falling of hair. Regularly wash you hair with multani mitti to prevent hair loss.

3. Removes acne and other blemishes

The removal of skin blemishes and acne scars sounds less painful as opposed to trying to achieve the same thing through skin peels and lasers don’t you think? There is a variety of ways you can use to treat blemishes, but you need to be consistent with the preferred treatment. Facial mask or multani mitti is a popular remedy that you can use to reduce swelling and redness of the skin.

Girls now take so much care in their appearance as early as 12 yrs of age.But I was from the old fashioned flock.I knew I wasn't that pretty,so i didn't tense up myself over caring for my appearance at all.A tomboy and 11 yrs after being married,my husband says I still have a lot of tom boyishness in me.Frankly I love it.
I couldn't be like," Ooooueee....I cannot go out in public coz I have 2mm hair growth on my arms and legs." or
 " No way is any human being laying eyes on me when I have this not that visible mustache on my upper lip."

Just remember a few simple rules,use a good quality herbal soap,wash your face after travelling anywhere,don't drape your face with cosmetics,let your skin breathe,try to keep your skin care regimen chemical free as much as possible.Invest in good quality moisturisers and cosmetics and use as little as you can.   Now how I use multani mitti is,mix half a tsp of mitti with rose water.Mix well and apply on face.Keep it on for 15 mins and wash off with warm water.That's it. But there are many other ways which I will list below :   1. Multani mitti is an excellent cleanser for your skin. Blend fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder and rose water together to make a fine paste. Dab this wonderful preparation on your face and neck. This face mask helps to lighten and brighten your skin on continuous use.   2. Take 1 spoon of multani mitti, 1 spoon of mint powder and 1 spoon of curd each. Soak up the multani mitti in curd for half an hour,next add the mint powder to it. Apply this mask on your face and neck; wash off after 20 minutes. This home remedy is opt for eliminating dark patches.

3. Take carrot pulp, multani mitti and 2 spoons of olive oil to make a fine paste; apply on the scar -affected areas.

4.You can mix multani mitti /fuller’s earth with orange peel powder and milk to apply on your skin. This mask gives sparkling fresh and fair skin without any trace of greasiness on your skin.

5.. Apply 2 spoons of multani mitti with 1.5 spoons of coconut water and ¼ spoon of sugar on the face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. This remedy cures suntan and soothes the skin.

6.Take multani mitti with egg and water to apply on face for 15 minutes.Use this mask to tighten your sagging and aged skin.


  1. hi does multani mitti cause any side effects to the skin because I have used a gram flour and turmeric mask which has made my facial tone darker

  2. As far as I know , gram flour and turmeric never makes skin dark. Though it may dry the skin. For that you may apply a drop of almond/olive oil.

    Multani mitti is good for oily skin and for dry skin instead of water, raw full cream milk may be used

  3. right but..it should be used only weekly since it can cause pre aeging and fine wrinkles on your face...it tightens the skin when applied

  4. Multani mitti is my absolute favourite when it comes to applying masks on the skin during summers. It cools the face and gives a refreshing glow.

  5. I really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us. I assure this would be beneficial for most of the people.


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