May 30, 2013

Changing diets

OK,Both my hubby and I are on doing this new experiment of not eating chicken and meat for 2 weeks.We are going to survive on eggs and vegetables.

Why Am I doing this because since I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis (5 yrs running),we are trying to strike off any food that causes my flare ups.Flare ups usually mean  swollen fingers and knees making it difficult to bend and thus not able to do many things like normal healthy people.

I have added this guy on my facebook account named the "RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS GUY" who has been an inspiration for me basically because he is in a more painful state than I but his continuous non stop struggle to inform people and encourage other sufferers like us to hang in there and never give up hope of feeling better.

Derailed off the topic there,so that's why? Now its has been difficult to not eat chicken.Coz there comes a time when you don't know what else to cook everyday,a dilemma for every homemaker.Now 4 days of bottle gourd and 1 day of (today) Ivy gourd,I'm sort of done eating gourds.I have stocked my fridge with bitter gourd,carrots and zucchini and cucumber.In the name of non veg,I have been stuffing myself with eggs everyday.

I went to my friends place the other day and she had lentils,which is bad for RA sufferers and fried chicken samosas.I popped the first one and tasted chicken and before I could tell myself I'm a bad girl,I popped 5 more.Embarrassing.....Shameless....Why couldn't I say no to my tummy and head,isn't it !

Ah the hurdles a foodie has to face.When you are told,now onwards you should  stop eating rice,you crave it even more.Stop chocolates,and you feel you're blood sugar has plummeted and will send you into a coma.
Now ask me not to exercise and I'm the happiest coz my brain says,here you have a true friend.

Anyone out there,put a stop to something you love and struggling to get through it????????

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  1. Oh trust me been there done that O_O... my knowledge about your medical condition is really zero...but my thoughts on diet changed after I read these two books by Rujuta Diwekar... Dont loose your mind loose your weight and Women&Weight Loss Tamasha... This book really offers lot of encouragement and you will know how soooo much that we know about 'Diet' is all crap... but I really hope you do well with your condition :)..


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