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If Kuwaiti companies had realistic slogans what would they be?

If Kuwaiti companies had realistic slogans what would they be? : Kuwait

I loved this article,very funny and absolutely true.

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[–]Binshattan[!] 16 points  ago
Cinescape: more money less movie
[–]Q80 11 points  ago
QualityNet: Restart all your problems.
The Hungry Rabbit: Legends never die.
[–]RationalMonkey 1 point  ago
Oh! Fun story:
Hungry Bunny was just the franchise name for Burger King in Kuwait in the late 80s and early 90s. You'll notice that all the old Hungry Bunny locations got converted to Burger Kings when the official brand came to Kuwait.
For a similar story, the franchise name in Australia is still Hungry Jack's
[–]talal12 1 point  ago
There are still a couple of Hungry Bunny franchises. I know there's one in Egaila for sure. They have the exact same grilled-type meat that Burger King uses though.
[–]martianz 11 points  ago
Avenues mall: Meet relatives and acquaintance
[–]yachubbick[S] 7 points  ago
Souq Sharq: We used to be the avenues.
[–]dreamer_soul 5 points  ago
Zain: pay more for a shitty service.
[–]yachubbick[S] 5 points  ago
Zain: Don't ask, just pay.
[–]yachubbick[S] 5 points  ago
MOHE: leave your future in education to us and your car parking space to the sand lot.
[–]notstudying 3 points  ago
MOHE: we require at least 2 hours of your time, everytime. MOHE: we like to make things as difficult as possible and change venues just to throw you off. MOHE: one person per country sounds about right. (seriously theres a whole floor of people but it seems like only one person does the majority of the work). MOHE: sure, we do everything for you, 3 months after its due. MOHE: don't have high blood pressure before? come right on in and we'll sign you up. Guaranteed results from the first try! FTFY
[–]dreamer_soul 1 point  ago
Collage of engineering: wanna become and engineer? Welcome to the most un-engineered place in Kuwait. Collage of engineering: you're the future of our country? here have psychopath professors to tech you!
[–]loolykinns 2 points  ago
Oh, the irony...
[–]dreamer_soul 1 point  ago
LOL I was so excited I missed a letter.
[–]dreamer_soul 6 points  ago
Majlis alOma: vote for us to fix Kuwait....LOL JK
[–]talal12 7 points  ago
Kuwait Finance House: bank with us or go to hell.
[–]notstudying 4 points  ago
KFC: possibly the best in the world. sbarros: still not serving everywhere. 6ALABAT: help yo lazy ass get lazier :p avenues: every retail shop available under one roof, multiple times. fanar: where? baladiya: who needs machines when we have cheap labour?
[–]dreamer_soul 3 points  ago
KFC: we are the best, plus here's some diarrhea as a gift
[–]notstudying 1 point  ago
its a chance im willing to take for that delicious cripsy spicy chicken perfectly complemented by the coleslaw and a swig of coke to wash it all down. also another side effect i noticed: cabbage has a horrible after taste that lasts for hours!
[–]FAMAJAH 4 points  ago
Caesars Confectionary: More addictive than heroin-infused crack!
[–]yachubbick[S] 1 point  ago
Caesars Confectionery (pizza): once you pop you can't stop.
[–]Harcesis 2 points  ago
Zain: "Same speed since 1994"
[–]solareon 1 point  ago
6alabat: Inshallah you get food
360 Mall: We're kind of like the Avenues
[–]jabbatheslut 3 points  ago
6alabat: The driver is on his way. FTFY
[–]yachubbick[S] 1 point  ago
6alabat: When you're too lazy to pick-up a phone and call.
[–]yachubbick[S] 1 point  ago
Omariya Zoo: Where your kids can feel free to abuse our animals.
[–]yachubbick[S] 1 point  ago
Q8: Because we're not allowed to spell it like K.U.W.A.I.T.
[–]moe_q8 1 point  ago
Rehab: Street dates? More like street suggestions.
[–]yachubbick[S] 1 point  ago
Just Googled "street date."
TIL: A street date is not a fruit that fell on a street in Hawalli.
[–]jabbatheslut 1 point  ago
Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Co. : Free anal lube with every service.


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