Feb 9, 2014

Hair dryer and its nozzles.

I have a professional hair dryer and many like me...I do own it but dont know how to use it like a pro.Well,it took me a while to guess what nozzle does what...so here goes :

The Concentrators

While they come in various shapes and sizes, concentrators do just that: help you to concentrate air flow into a specific area on your head, enabling you to have more control while you're styling. For shiny locks, direct the flow of the nozzle from the roots to the ends. Also, use a lower speed setting with a higher temperature to not only speed up drying, but to keep your hair from blowing all over.

The Diffusers

Perfect for the wavy- or curly-haired, this attachment helps to reduce the intensity of your blow-dryer's air flow. Therefore, it also tames the frizzies. 

The Picks

Just as a hair pick is used to create volume, a pick attachment on a dryer creates it too. With lots of different shapes and sizes available,hese types of nozzles will add lift to any style. Shorter hair needs a shorter pick, and for longer hair, look for longer prongs.

The Styler Dryers

The attachments vary, but typically included is a boar bristle brush for providing shiny results (especially for thick hair); a fine-tooth styling pick, for smoothing hair; and a wide-tooth styling pick for detangling.

Hope it was short and sweet and you got it.I got it finally.


  1. I love making perfect hairstyles, so I have to use hair styling tools in my hairs. My dryer got damaged last month, so I need to buy a branded dryer for me. Give me suggestion for sedu hair dryers, and can I buy them from online?

    1. Im sorry I cannot truly guide you in terms of the fabulous quality of hair dryers and what not......But I guess you can try amazon or check out reviews on google of different brands and choose.



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