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Foundation and Beauty

Off late, I have been going through hundreds of beauty videos and tutorials which tell you how you should contour and highlight your face, How do you apply cream,liquid or mousse or mineral foundation, what lipstick looks good on white girls or brown girls or the various cheats involved to make eyes bigger or lips fuller or face thinner.

First of all, makeup is work.Ad I thought it was copy and paste kind of thing.The art of makeup requires tons of practice just to get it perfect.You have glamorous makeup, you have neutral makeup, you have goth makeup, vamp makeup, makeup to look as if there ain't any makeup..the list is endless.But I realised this sucks you into the vortex once you start to get the hang of it and you decide to want more and have more.

I'm not saying that all this is wrong or self absorbed or anything.....I always think its better than falling to bad habits like drinking or drugs or anything that destroys or will destroy one's inner calm.I love makeup.I love to look good and no ,I'm not one of those people who have been applying tons of makeup to look beautiful.I had no one tell me how to when I was young and now I watch these videos religiously to learn few tricks,so that I can even out my face and look nice.

With age and complexities of life, almost everyone is being blessed with dark circles and wrinkles.Yeah! what does a woman or man in his mid 30s think right !

Trying to find the perfect good foundation was the worst few weeks of my life.Everyone has an opinion , yes from personal use.The magazines say something...then you want something within your budget but still good...Only to realise that the world of foundation is very very big.

Apart from the various textures and numerous brands...I learnt that there is something called oxidation of foundations.I learnt you have sheer or minimal coverage to medium coverage to full coverage .You have foundations designed for the different skin types.Like some work well on dry , some on combination,some on normal,some on combination/dry or combination/normal.

Then you have something like a matte finish, a satiny finish and a dewy finish.If you are in long wear then a primer is a must.Primer you get for eyes separately and then for the face.And then foundation is incomplete without a proper good concealer to cover the spots or blemishes and most important dark circles.
   Dewy finish
  Matte Finish

The color to suit your skin tone is an absolute must.If you go in for lighter foundations, you have something like a ghostly cast,that's where the latest foundations come HD foundations and stuff which are exclusively made so that when you are photographed ,especially at night or evening parties, you still look amazing and natural.

I also found out that 80% of the people bought their foundations online and color matched themselves ,watching videos of women with similar skin color.After breaking my head against the wall and pillows and everything else, I decided to buy Revlon color stay foundation in warm golden for myself.

I thought why not post a few videos, so you know what actually helped.I'm an Indian,so naturally I watched Indian tutorials and Arab ones, to get an idea of what I truly think is good for me.

There are a few blogs and beauty videos on youtube I follow regularly,But for now...just the links....

1. This is from Huda Kattan who resides in UAE.I love her tutorials,She explains well and yes, she uses high end products.They are luxury beauty products.

2.This is from Goss make artist..He is a makeup artist and I love love his videos..hes frank and to the point and I all his explanations. { Liquid foundations} { how to find your shade}  {cream foundations}  { foundation for very oily skin}

3. This is Jovita.Shes an ex beauty queen and has a dark skin tone,so she shows products related to dark skin tone. Her videos are fun.So if you have dark skin like her...look at her suggestions.

4. This is Shruti and Again I love her videos.SHe is beautiful too and I like her tutorials. ( foundation for tan skin)

5. I dont remember her name but her blogs and vlogs are named corallista.SHe gives a basic good explanation and her tutorials are good. She generally does reviews and does a lot of eye makeup and lipstciks and highligters...And shes very pretty.  { apply foundation}

6. Superprincessjo.I just love her videos.She gives the simplest explanations , a lot of diys and products reviews and makeup tutorials.I love her videos.....her blogs and vlogs are simply informative. { foundation routine}

There are many more good ones out there but for now...I have to catch up on home duties.....Hopefully they will help the beginners out there.


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