Feb 9, 2015


I don't think there are very many homes that don't have yoghurt.Yoghurt is a one goodness which you can either get at the local market or make it yourself at home.Good yoghurt being the one with cultures.Most yoghurt that we get in the market always says there is some prebiotic culture in it ,which is a good thing.

Now the beauty remedies that I'm going to mention here includes yogurt as a main ingredient.Just for reference...yoghurt shouldn't be too runny.If you have sort of runny yoghurt, you can always take a cheesecloth or clean cotton cloth, throw in the yoghurt,tie into a pouch and hang it over the sink or in a colander and let it drain overnight or for a couple of hours. The resulting yoghurt is thick,super creamy and ah ! so beautiful to hold in your hands.

Besides yoghurt being used in main courses and salads or as a drink...it has other wonderful uses.You don't have to throw it away just because the date will be up the next morning.

OK to the point now: 

Sunburns and Tans: Well, they say its not good to sit in the sun without protection and there's a technique to Tans.I'm an Indian ,so I have my all natural tan.Anyhow.....come back from a trip at the beach....apply or lather on some yoghurt over your face and body and leave it so for 15 minutes.Then wash it off with cool water.You can add a bit of turmeric powder or haldi to the yoghurt if you want.

Moisturizer: can give good moisture to your skin...so if you have dry skin or blotchy skin...try this remedy.

Acne: It says its great for acne.I wouldn't know about acne coz I have combination skin and break out rarely.But if you have acne, apply yoghurt and keep it on half an hour and wash it off with cool water.

Wrinkles: It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles.It contains Alpha-hydroxy acids which is good for the skin.

Hair: It works as a conditioner and prevents dandruff.Apply on hair and keep it on for 25 minutes and then wash it off with mild shampoo.If you have frizzy hair, this is absolutely fantastic.I have personally tried this,so its fabulous.I can vouch for that.

Top 7 benefits of Curd for Hair Shining

  1. Apply the paste of curd  and gram flour into the hair roots. This prevents hair loss and dandruff problems.
  2. The mix of pepper with curd, if use for head wash twice or thrice a day, provides shining, soft hair and also helpful in overcoming of dandruff.  This mixture strengthen the hair and prevent hair fall.
  3. Curd is responsible for healthy hair, silky hair, smooth hair and overcome dandruff.
  4. Apply curd cord on the scalp and left it for 20 minutes. Wash it, helps to give shining  and free dandruff hair. Curds provides many nutrients for silky hair.
  5. Apply the paste of curd and methi  powder over your scalp, left it for some time and wash it. It is good for your shining hair.
  6. If somebody needed shining hair, it is advised to use the paste of curd, henna and eggs.
  7. To overcome the problem of  dandruff,  you may use the paste of curd and lemon. Left over the scalp for 20 minutes and get shining hair.

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