May 4, 2015

Smart phones

Everyone owns a smart phone...from the security guard to a maid to people in offices ...everyone.We are enslaved to this technology which is only here to stay and wont go out of our lives anytime soon.I just recently got my first smart phone and to be frank,once I got the hang of it...I too am addicted to my phone.But not the extent ,yet, That I need to click pictures of the food before I eat unless its very special or new...ahem ahem...yes...I heard that !!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways..i came across a bunch of posters online which pretty much explain this zombie life we have accepted in the name of smart phones being our first best friend.With Internet, the era of handwritten letters went much so that people use auto correct at all times because they are unsure of the words they typed in the sentence or the grammatical errors.

They don't need discussion coz the poster says it all.....

Actually with the above poster...I would have loved to own a camera back then to make a record of some beautiful moments of history like a rare animal or plant or some new discovery or anything that taught about the ancient times...that which we only decipher now.

Sad reality...cant speak for other countries or wont...but it does happen .And its very unfortunate....


  1. Actually social media and apps are the reasons we are addicted to it. I don't carry a cellphone since 2011. I feel liberated in some ways. I have more time and there is no device that beeps every few minutes. I have deleted apps from my iPad too. On the other hand, I feel with cell phone you are never lonely.

  2. Yes,I totally agree with the fact that you cannot feel too lonely with a cellphone.For me its been a boon in some ways as I can now chat with my folks online easily or with friends as well.I too keep very few apps and never play games on them either.But still feel lost without it.


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