Oct 22, 2016


Its been my favourite past time to sit in a place and look at people. As in what they wear...how they walk...how their face is at that moment...stuff like that. You just thought, "Oh please ! Joblessness of the highest order." It might be but people reading is truly fun.

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And like the famous quote circulating the Internet....true tears and smiles are seen at the airport. 
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You the old man sitting by the beach just staring at the horizon.He sits there with this boredom on his face.....My dad sits like that now and so I know.He retired a couple of years back and sometimes looks around and I guess wonders how his time has flown over the years.
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Okay, this isn't supposed to be a grim post.I happen to attend a festivity yesterday....And after a long time had a chance to note a few things down.

It was a diwali mela and that means it was filled with families and people from all walks of life. I saw lots of families...mothers pulling their kids through crowds...yelling at them....trying to control their movements and finally succumbing to handing them the tablet or a mobile. Their husbands excusing their wives and running to nearby food stalls to enjoy snacks by themselves. 

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I saw frustrated wives holding their small kids and standing in corners.They had this WTF look on their face while their toddlers pulled on their chains, cheeks or hair. 

You had teens who were all standing googly eyed...smirking and stealing look from boys around them.Boys stumbling around for attention.Girls flicking their hair around.....using their peripheral vision to spot boys .Guys acting all cool with pants barely hanging on their hipbones. School performances....students dancing to songs and would give Katrina kaif a run for her money with their 4 minute dances. Phew....I remember having that kind of energy.Now I break down after visiting the loo. Years....they haven't been too kind. Now being a teenager ,seems like it happened a million years ago.

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Then you have the good looking boys.They almost look the same and move in groups like the Raptors from Jurassic park.They dress the same...have similar haircuts...almost the same shades and that too worn indoors. They clicked their selfies with these gang symbol hand gestures. Its like Baaaa....yo we sheep of the same flock on this window.Here facebook and instagram...here we baaaa come.

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Then you have that chick who is wearing 4 inch heels....loads of makeup...goth like outfits...which is all black....Who is probably there with colleagues.Who is walking up and down...flipping her hair hard and blinking her colored lens fast.The Attitude....saying kneel you ppl for this goddess has come.

The you have that one guy who is good looking but has no brands to show off.He is walking up and down the crowd ...working on that smile. He smiles at anything and everything with lipstick on.I saw 15 yr olds going hihihihihi just because he stood and flashed a smile and walked off. These guys arent gutsy....they wont come up to you...they are those creepy men who like to try their luck on whoever and whatever.

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You have the old couples who walk around the crowd and wondering why have their grand kids dragged them to this noisy place and abandoned them.They walk around searching for them throughout the function.

You have the desi fashionistas.They have fabulous makeup on...fantastic outfits and are looking through all the fake jewellery stores and ...and...whatsapping. They are chatting with friends in the middle of humid stuffy place.How do they do it? I couldn't hear my own thoughts and I was screaming," Uncle pour some more chutney..this isn't enough" at the top of my voice.

Then you have me...dressed in semi casuals...who is walking around with her snack plate , all by herself and looking at ppl. 

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I actually did have a nice time but had to walk out a bit early coz the hall was way to stuffy.Plus this mom kept screaming at her son,"Ok...we will go home right this second. Let this one hour program finish." I could punch her in her mouth for bursting my ear drums but then that's the life of a mother. They cannot have it all together all the time. Poor ladies...standing for hours,entertaining their kids while trying to be entertained through these shows.*sigh*

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