Jun 30, 2011

Stylish blog Award

The most Stylish blog Award goes to :

    " Sujatha Satya " 


I love her vocabulary and the way she writes.She knows the best way to put down thoughts and feelings,its like reading bits of some novel or an intelligent piece of some magazine.Thats my problem,I cant seem to find the right words when I want to and it would sound like the scribbling or rambling of an annoying person.

When I read her blogs,I always hope that this girl will soon write a column in some newspaper or magazine and be very successful.You should give it a try.

You capture emotions and are in touch with every topic you write,which makes us relate to it and wanna read it over and over again.The piece about TAnvi's accident,The piece on brands...we relate to them all and yeah..makes me wish everytime that you were with me here.We would make such naughty girlfriends.YAkking with you would be such a pleasure .

Sorry If I couldnt write better here.And you are my only follower,the rest just visit like nomads and like unmentionables,prefer being anonymous.


  1. heyyyy the award was for UUUUUUUU babes
    tune use ulta mujhe hi bhej diya!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hello Suzaan...

    just to let you know that i visited ur Blog, and plz do include me also in ur list of followers with one n only(as u said) Suajtha.... as i m also following your blog now n will be here for sure when you post ur next...

    best wishes,


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