Feb 19, 2012

Endless Pain

What would you do if someone you loved,hid you from the rest of the world coz they felt ashamed of you in some way.They loved you from the bottom of their heart but couldn't be seen with you.What if you were a secret,kept to save face and retain reputation.Is it still love if you cant be open about it? Is it still a relationship worth fighting for,if you have to hide at every gathering...if you cant be be part of a public life with them?

Should one still make things work because you don't have the guts to sever that last part of the loosening rope to your past and happy memories? What if so many lies had been said to keep the happy picture perfect appearance?

Who has been wronged - the people who dare taint a reputation they worked so hard to achieve over the years or the person who has been deemed wrong,bad,the eternal sad stain that has to be eradicated to make others seem righteous and true?

How can blood be any thicker than water...when that stain is your own blood !

Some life lessons are so hide to learn , some decisions are so hard to make...in the end....one has to kill himself ,over and over again,to earn the right to be ultimately respected.One of the choices that were made even though it threatened to destroy a part of one's soul forever.A decision which finally blocked the bits and pieces of love one received rarely now and then.

-An excerpt from the painful existence in one's corner of a wounded heart.

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  1. HI...nice write...Its true that it hurts a lot wen a person u love doesn't want to except you socially...I doubt if true love is like that...I think ending such relationship is a better option...Sometimes goodbye is the only way...


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