Jul 3, 2013

Rheumatoid Arthritis - a day for flares

I'm having one of those of days that I dread everyday when I wake up.That is the stiffness of my hip joints along with the knees.It is the worst combination ever..no shoulders and knees are the killer combo.

Lately I have been trying to get rid of every kind of meat from my diet but to a person who couldn't go 2 days without a drumstick in the tummy,the urge to let go of everything meat is very very difficult.I had meat for 3 days.I thought having one small meal with meat would do no harm but then I started getting my flare up the second day and now its full fledged.I'm moaning and screaming and someone outside my apartment must think this chick is up to no good in broad daylight.

But to someone who lives with RA,they know gone are the days of moaning with pleasure and in are the days when you moan in between stabbing pain.They sound the same to be frank.I startle my husband at night but after 4 years he knows its not very easy to ignore pain and fall asleep.Every time I'm fine and feeling better,we have decided is a day to go out and have fun.Live when you can.
This all sounds very grim I know but having no one I personally know suffering from this,makes me feel lonely.

Friends would rather have fun by themselves than drag an immobile person along.Its the other way around,I have just stopped going out with friends in order to avoid being that burden on some one's fun time.

If you know anyone suffering from a silent disease like this,in which a person appears to be normal on the outside but is suffering from too much pain within,cheer them up.There is plenty that can be done other than going out on long walks or shopping.Let them know that they are strong people to be able to move around even though every waking and sleeping moment is filled with pain.I think just supporting anyone suffering from anything ,will give them a boost they need to move on with their everyday lives.

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