Jul 13, 2013

Rooh Afza - your summer cooler

I have loved rooh afza for a very long time.But I had to quit a couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.Otherwise it was my staple during the summers.You can drink it in limits and the way I take it,its very very good and healthy for you.Besides when your body with simmering in the heat,why drink stuff like Pepsi's and cocoa colas and seven ups when you can have a healthy alternative.

This is Rooh Afza in a bottle.

This is the one made in Pakistan.

The other few ingredients you need for my first recipe is cold milk and the following two ingredients are optional but they add to the flavour and healthy part of cooling your body down, they are katira gond/stercullia gum/indian tragacanth and tukh malanga/basil seeds.

Katira Gondh looks like this in its original form -

and when soaked in water ,its looks like the gelatinous mass in the bowl.

Tukh malanga looks like this -

which when soaked in water looks like this -

Now we are done with the tough part of showing which is what.

Recipe for the milk drink :

1 cup cold milk
1 tbsp rooh afza
1 tsp katira gondh
1 tbsp tukh malanga

 You can garnish with slivers of pista or almonds or fruits or have it plain.
Stir it well and enjoy !

Recipe for rooh afza,this time without milk :

1 cup of chilled water
2 tbsp of rooh afza
2- 3 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice
and garnish with mint leaves or lemon rind shavings.

Stir well and enjoy!

People also add seven up to rooh afza and mix and drink but why go for an unhealthy option when you can go organic.


  1. I am a Rooh Afza freak ever since my childhood. Loved both the recipes. The katira gondh, is it the one used for making gondh laddus?

    1. Yup.....and I was introduced to rooh afza 11 years ago.See we all are similar by one or the other likes or disies.

    2. Yes, we surely are similar when! :) I had my first sip of Roof Afza when I was 5! :D 18 years ago! :)

  2. Really , Rooh Afza has many benefits for people health. I take rooh afza every week. You can check also this post for see more rooh ajza benefits: https://www.menswelfare.com/rooh-afza/


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