Jan 26, 2018

What is Missing !

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There are a few things I have been missing lately. Its been ages since I have experienced them and I miss those times so much. 

So much of nostalgia ....
There was bliss in those moments...
Unrequited love in those moments... 
Moments I thought would keep happening every now and then...
Moments I took for granted...
Times when I wish I had made note of...

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I miss -

The times my mom ran her hand through my hair and stroked it.

The times my dad carried me in his arms when I was even a bit ill.

The times I sat on my parents lap for the heck of it and they cuddled me unknowingly.

The times my mom applied rouge and lipstick on my face, with her ring finger, when attending a party.

The times my dad held my hand firmly while crossing the bridge or at a crowded market.

The times my mom oiled my hair and ears while placing my head on her lap.

The times my mom taught me a few dance moves while cooking in the kitchen.

The time I saw my baby brother after he was born at the hospital, packed like a bullet.

The times when my mom made dress fitting an event with her sisters.

The time my dad woke me up first thing in the morning , every single day, to drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for years.

The times when my dad let me hold his pinkie finger , whenever we were out.

The times my mom set my hair for half an hour because it wouldn't stay proper.

The times I played police robber with my siblings.

The times we siblings sat down and counted and divided every piece of chocolates and sweets equally.

The times when we licked the food we didn't want to share on purpose but then landed eating it anyways.

The times when we siblings beat each other up and cried and then looked at each other and made up again.

The times when mom announced today she would cook my favorite dish .

The times when my aunt told us stories at night when my parents were working nights.

The times I twirled in my favorite frilled skirt and saw it rise high and felt like a flower.

The times when I sat by the river at my granny's for hours and looked at sunlight dancing on the water making it look like gold.

The times when saw sheaf of light trickling through the trees in the forest.

The times when I soaked my feet in a running stream of cool fresh water in the forest.

The times when I watched endless sunsets.

The times when I dug my feet deep into the sand by the ocean.

The times when I would cut grass with a girl from my neighborhood to feed our cow at home.

The times I made dung cakes and dried it on the wall, 

The times when I tried to explore a jungle with a neighbor .

The time when I caught a snake and brought it home to my grandmother.

The times I woke up to the scent of roses in our garden everyday during vacation.

The times I stared at my dad's tummy while he was sleeping as it puffed up and went down.

The times when I bit my dad's nose while I was on his lap.

The times when I danced in the rain.

The times when I walked daily through a row of large old green trees.

The times I saw oranges on trees for the first time.

The times when I climbed trees and sat on them.

 The times when I unsuccessfully tried to milk our cow.

The times I drank goat milk squeezed out directly underneath it.

The times I ran with my long hair open around the house.

The times I spent living with my siblings alone in the flat.

The times when we attended weddings.

The times I experienced true love, my first love.

The times when I was kissed with whole heart and soul and passion.

The times when I changed diapers and burped a baby.

The times when a baby held my finger looking into my eyes.

The times when I held my baby Anna and cried alone Coz I knew this could never be mine.

The times I spoke to my parrots.

The times I partied with my besties.

The times I had long wonderful motherly chats with my besties. 

The times I spent with my friends doing things we all loved.

The lipstick half day Saturdays in college.

The times I watched Titanic with my bestie more than 3 times.

The nights I spent listening to Mariah Carey's Butterfly and Kenny Gs Breathless night after night.

The long romantic chats.

The day I got 100s of roses for valentine.

The day my roommates gave me a surprise birthday party, my 17th.

The times I listened to churake dil mera with 15 of my best roommates lying on the floor late at night at the hostel.

The times when my hostel warden praised me for being the best student.

The time when I saw the birth of my nephew and held him in my arms.

The time when I enter a room and my nephews rush to hug and kiss me.

The times I sang lullaby to my niece, my baby Anna, every day during my holiday in India.

The times when my girlfriend stood by me through thick and thin , during my worst nightmare of my life.

The times when I partied without fear like a true adult , without giving a fuck to the world.

Well, I might continue to update them as and when the mood strikes. The thing is we remember the things and events that hurt us more clearly , than the events that brought us joy.

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