Jan 22, 2011

Feelings !

I watched "Mother India " today and after 25 years,it still holds its stand in my heart.I love this movie and to me it is a legend.

Iam not a fan of old movies coz I find the acting mechanised rather than being natural.To me when I watch a movie,good acting is when I feel it and would make the remark," yeah! I guess I would have felt or done the same".Now commercial movies are a totally different thing.They are meant for pure entertainment,nothing to think about.

What I love about the movie is the attachment the mother has with her boys.How she knows their weakness and strengths,good habits and bad ones but loves them blindly.The fact that she went through all that length to save her younger one from making a mistake but failed.Her yearning for him to come back to her and her promise to make all things better for them.That always hits that crying spot in my heart.

I hate that obnoxious remark people make," Jab tum Ma banogi tho tumhe pata chalega ki bache kya cheez hothe hai,ma banna kya hota hai".
I have come across many a women and am sure will come to see many more who say,we just havent handled children at all before we got married.Who on earth says that? When I watch these hollywood movies,the working women are portrayed as people who hold a child as if holding a nuclear missile.How can that be.How mechanical has ones life been before he loses all natural instincts or responses.

I have never seen my sister hold,pamper or do anything with a child all her life.She didnt go all mush on them when she saw babies unlike me ,like my father put it,"Tekkha le rakha hai duniya ke bache sambhalna ka."But she is a mom now and everything has come into place.The maternal instincts kicked in long back but now she materialises them with her kid.I know every woman gets her maternal instincts kicked in at some point but a 28 yr old woman saying,I had no idea what to do until I had my own.Cant get it ! If anyone has an idea,do explain it to me.

Anyways,back to Nargis.An amazing actress.She was beautiful and a good and decent actress.A woman didnt have to shed so much of her clothing to act well and now there is no contour or curve left undiscovered of an actress in any movie.Sad really ! But still there are a few who still ,thanks heaven, act well.

Who is a good mother ?
Is it a woman who doesnt give up easily on her kids or family?
Is it a woman who slogs day and night to rear her children ?
Is it a woman who teaches her children to be true to their self and the world?

Who is a good mother?

I would like people who read this question at least,if not my boring blog entry,and tell me what they think a good mother is.No quotes,no cliche' answers,no filmy dialogue.Honest ones as to what they thought of their own mom and the way they were brought up.

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