Jan 2, 2011

Are we living it just right?

Many a times,most of us,live a life risk free.Everything is pre thought for us in advance by our parents or dictated by peers or friends.We always take a risk in an area we know someone else has taken one in a while ago.Many of us dont dive into something head on without giving a second thought.I sometimes wonder how that life must be.Is it exciting? Is it filled with curiosity and thus there is no room for any boredom?

You know,the most exciting thing Im gonna do tomorrow and I have no idea how I will do so,I have to fill a 2.5L can with urine.I have to collect and pour in pee all day.

The only risk filled thing I did was ,elope with my husband and get married.Oh yeah,I have done some more few things but which hot blooded teenager doesnt.

I think as we grow old,we become more and more aware and conscious of each and everything and everyone.We like being safe,take very few chances coz now we have kids and families that we cant run away from anymore.I keep telling my husband ,we should try being a little adventurous,like maybe going into the middle of the cold desert and perhaps having tea.I know what Sujatha is thinking,but I guess that phase has been outgrown.I just like to think that I did something different,something totally stupid.Awesome would be sky diving or rafting.Dont have the energy or the health to do stuff like that anymore.

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  1. log bolte hain ki, in the end, we actually regret the things we DIDN'T do more than the things we did. i just wish I've very few of those when i bid my adieu.


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