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What are the most important traits in a good wife?

What traits do men value most in a good wife?

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Most guys want a lady in the streets, Betty friggin’ Crocker in the kitchen, and a freak in bed.

Marshal Jed Cooper

1. Forgiveness. she has an uncanny ability to forgive (not forget) but forgive.

2. Patience I swear when it comes to dealing with me she is the most patient woman in the world.

3. Ability to look at her self – there are times that she is just being unreasonable, PMS whatever, I say to her honey you are being ridiculous and sometimes (if she is) she will just stop and say you know what you are right. End of fight/discussion. I love that.


This will vary from person to person. Some men want thier wives to look good. Some want thier wives to be submissive.

Instead of focusing on what they might want, focus on what YOU are willing to offer. Don’t change to suit someone else – find the person that enhances who YOU are.

Sethasaurus Rex

Don’t expect any mature answers on here. My wife is worth more to me than cooking cleaning and sex.

Someone who marries for those reasons isn’t going to have a happy marriage, someone will suffer and it won’t work.

*. Bre Babe .*

I’m not a man but most men want another mommy.


the basic connection has to be there of course, and from there i find it just flows. when you connect you can talk and share with one another, and that leads to intimacy and affection, which leads to actions like sex and doing things for one another. it all kind of feeds into itself. i guess if i had to pick one thing to look for it would be the connection. you shouldnt have to force it. you should be able to spend hours together and never run out of things to say and do. that is the foundation to everything else.


Quiet strength, wisdom, patience, loyalty, and a heart full of love.


my ideal woman is empathetic, affectionate, caring, independent, funny, and organized.

James C

When I married I:

1. Made sure she was a Christian. Because if 2 people are unequally yoked there will be a lot of problems in your marriage.

2. A respectful wife. I want my wife now to respect me and love me for who I am. (Which she does)

3. Honest. My wife’s honesty is one of her best qualities…even when I don’t want to hear it.

Chelsey the Deer Hunter =)

my husband says ” she has to leave me alone!” lol he is so mean!!!

He is kidding, anyway my opinion is a good mother, friend, cook, understanding, housekeeper, hard worker, smart, healthy funny woman. that is just what i think, im old fashioned so i believe the woman should take care of the household duties while the husband makes the money. Just my opinion.


Traits are heavily ingrained and might actually be impossible to change. With that in mind, it’s cruel to imagine her as better if her traits were different.

As traits go, I was looking for someone that is smart, care-free & fun-loving, a little witty, young-at-heart, and cute. My wife is all that and more.


Great personality, looks, gives you lots of encouragement and quality time, sense of homor, romantic, and loves sex.


Lol… Why is anyone concerned with someone being a “good wife”? How about being a “good person” and becoming the status of wife. That’s more important I think…

To any male, a “good wife” is obedient, loyal, and hard-working. That’s the typical sexist opinion…lol… Most people want that from everyone, don’t they?

So for someone to be labeled as a “good wife” they have to give up all of their inclinations of their own life, and become everything that this person wants them to be? Sounds more like slavery to me…

I think that if you are a good person, you will find someone who automatically thinks you’re a “good-wife”, regardless of what everyone else thinks…

A good wife is a “good wife”, because the person they’re married to absolutely loves everything about them! There is no specific list of characteristics. It’s all relative to each person. Literally… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Not to sound like a jerk, but she has to be into physical stuff. Sex is a huge part of marriage (probably the biggest aspect to a guy actually) and if you start pulling the “I’m tired”, or “I have a headache” deal, kiss your marriage goodbye. It’s not that we need it 5 times a day, it’s just something we’re programmed to do. I love my wife to death, but nothing sucks worse than having date night end with a cold shower.

You don’t have to look like a super-model, you don’t have to be a porn star, and you don’t have to fret over that extra bit of weight you put on. We love every ounce, but you have to show that you’re into him and keep him interested in you as well. Without that, you run into the problem of him cheating because he’s not getting taken care of at home. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for you both. Just relax and have fun with it!

Other traits: Honesty is huge. If you can’t trust your partner then there’s no point at all in getting married.

Having a sense of humor helps. Nothing sucks worse than hearing crickets when you crack a joke.

Selflessness is good to have when thinking about kids (if that’s your thing). Women are moms, so they have to be into all of that to put up with the demands of young children.

Being physically fit. Usually leads to a better self image and will keep you interested in him as well as him into you. Once again, you don’t have to be a track superstar, just feel good about the way you look.


She should never nag, never complain and never feel sorry for herself.


In my world traits of a good wife is respect and honesty. It is not rocket science. She must first respect herself. If she has no respect for herself, how can she respect others. Honesty is a sign of good moral character. Physical attractiveness should not be at the top of a man’s list when he start looking for a wife.


A wife who doesn’t insist she is right all the time. Loyal, honest, open minded, wants to give and receive attention physically and emotionally.

J. C. F

not demanding

understands me

wants more than sex

not a know it all

Christian (sorry but i always go to church and am a strong Christian)


Good sense of humor

laughs at mistakes

raises children loosly

Looks dont matter to ME
What I have to say about all this personally is..........A wife needs to be a good friend and the rest falls into place.


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