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Chicken tikkis

I make Jeera rice every now and then and its great to have with a non veg dish with a little curry.But Im guessing everyone knows how to make jeera rice.I make it different coz I strain the rice water out and add no oil in it.Just roast the jeera seeds on a tava,when the aroma fills in ,throw it into water you are boiling to boil the rice with salt to taste.when the rice is 50% cooked,strain the water out.Put the rice back in,close the lid and on the lowest heat,let it be for 12-15 minutes.

But today Im gonna write a simple recipe of chicken tikkiyas.This,one can have with dal and rice or with bread or simply as such,it depends on what you like it with.I usually have it when I have only veggies or dal.

Usually when this is made,one finds very little chicken and more of potatoes.I dont like that,it should have equal amounts of chicken or boiled egg chopped into small pieces.Yes,instead of chicken ,one can add a chopped boiled egg and its just as tasty.

Now potatoes if medium sized,mean…

Sad moments

For the past 9 and half years,there has never been a single day,when I wondered how I would look as a pregnant woman, what I would go throught o deliver my baby, what would all those feelings be like when I held him/ her in my arms after pushing for 12 hours, how he/she would look like, How old she would be today..........
Yesterday ,I was very upset as this is a sensitive topic for me and makes my husband crazy coz he cant stand me going all emotional and not being able to help me exactly the way I want.
Thats all,today Im better.Have my face mask on and writing my feeling here feeling all vulnerable.Didnt want to post it on facebook coz it would just be a pity seeking post.
Anyone out there,who doesnt have kids,its a struggle darlings be it a man or woman.DOnt worry, God is testing us and I just love to belive,that there is a special place in heaven for me where I will be able to use my mothering skills with all the children who come there.

Lamb pulao

I want to share this very simple lamb pulao recipe today.Though I dont exactly cook it this way coz i tend to add veggies and a lot more masala into it which gets a bit complicated,this is very simple.Anyone who cant spare too much time over a stove can prepare it at home within 45 minutes.

This is for half kg mutton.Can use simple basmati rice with it.I always think there should be at least 2 bones with marrow in it,makes the meat and the mutton stew even more tasty.You'll need 2 coffee mugfull of rice,wash the rice and soak it for at least half an hour.The excess starch washes out plus it takes lesser time to cook.

I cook with a cooker coz without it ,it takes just a very long time,time none of us neither have nor love to give.In a cooker,add the meat,pour water to cover the meat and add 1 tbsp of haldi.Let it boil without the lid on.You will notice some brown foam collecting on top of it.Immediately switch the stove off and throw out the water.It takes around 14 mins or so to b…

My Fantasy

It was a beautiful night.There were a few stars in the sky and a crescent of a moon in the dark night.Since the houses were far apart from each other,one wouldnt be disturbed by people yelling dinner is ready and kids scurrying around the house.I could hear the crickets making that creeking sound.I came out of his house and walked up the stairs to the terrace.It was amazing.

Since the monsoon had already started a few days ago,every shower was refreshing.I knew this would be a fabulous night as all rainy nights are.I love the rains.Every movie I watched since I was 6,tutored me into how no rains should ever go to waste especially if you have that someone special by your side.On the backdrop,I had left the tape record playing my mixed tape of hot songs.

I was wearing my shorts and my favourite green T-shirt.It was drizzling a bit and my favourite song back then and now,"Tip tip barsa paani" started playing.I was gonna drench myself and dance to this hot number.Then he came up…

Makeup tips

The key to making your eyes appear bigger is to use a lighter shade of pencil (or powder) along the inner rim of your eyes. Beige, Vanilla and/or white will do the trick. Don't forget to line using your dark liner below the water line along your lashes for definition. You should also apply a light, bright shade of white or pearl to the inner corners of the eyes which will open and separate them more. Another quick and easy way to open the eyes is to curl your lashes and apply mascara right after.

Six Common Eye Shapes & Complimentary Eyeliner Tips

1. Round

Line the outer two-thirds of the upper and lower lash lines, to lengthen the eye. Also, try angling the line upwards (upper lash line) as it moves towards the corner. The result will be slightly thicker line at outer corners. Mascara emphasis placed on outer corner upper lashes.

2. Almond

Suits many styles and techniques. Generally, line entire upper lash line and use neutral eye shadow. Optional to line lower lash l…

food paas-si-oon.

{Thank you "Apni boli wale".Glad to have a new follower.}


WHen I got married,I couldnt cook anything.It was strange when i realised that over the years before tying the knot,my siblings and I had consumed raw meat in the midst of chopped and spattered onions and chillies.I didnt know when garlic and ginger were used during cooking and It came to me that the 3 of us had survived on instant maggi noodles,eggs beaten up in every possible way,bread,hotel food ,jalebis and pedas and fruit cake,for around 3 years.I pan fried potatoes in oil and we ate them either slightly burnt or under cooked.

I always thought cooking was very easy.All you do is cut,throw into oil and stir for a few minutes and vola ! The dish is done.I got married and on the 3rd day,i decided to make breakfast.There I was ready to dazzle him with my omelette,I started with chopping some onions.After 30 mins,my…