Apr 26, 2008

hairlighting Experience

Day before yesterday,i decided to highlight my hair along with a girlfriend.I have dreamed of highlighting my hair for ages but always thought it was a waste.Since I have had white hair from a ripe 6 yrs of age and it kept on multiplying with my dawning youth,I had no choice but go in for permanent hair coloring and had been doing so for lets see...hmmm..........10 yrs now.

Well,I did highlight a few strands a few years ago but it was barely noticeable.anyway,the first time i went in...i remember being reduced to tears..no not tears..I cried my eyes out in front of 10 women.When they were pulling my hair out through that rubber cap.but this time it was a good experience.she blow dried,straightened them out and then after a nice spray of some chemical thingy..she put on this rubber cap and all in all,i didn't feel any pain and am glad with my results.

All that excitement of highlighting them and now I have no idea what to do...this may sound very very foolish...rather cheesy...I literally want to run around the beach and see my hair fly in the hair.stupid isn't it ! part of the package.Sometimes it comes quite naturally to me and I wont know it till my husband says it or my very frank sister tells me so.She thinks clicking self portraits of myself with my digital camera is crying sign for attention.People...am just trying to use the gadget that I spent so much money on.

Anyways,right now I have tied my hair up into this chakli bun ,washed all the clothes,done some cleaning and all and am sitting down blogging.

I think for the next festival....I might just go in for a rockers hairstyle.jet black hair with the "blondest" streaks ever.

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