Apr 16, 2008


I was talking to my sister.As usual we were discussing life after marriage.If I ever knew what it takes to keep a marriage fresh year after year,would i have taken the plunge? Actually I would have but maybe when I was a bit older.As a woman,you have so much of compromises to do,you have to learn your husband,your new family,your new home workings and in the end you learn a lot about yourself.

Running your home is a tough job.Shopping for groceries,shopping for other requirements,saving money for the future,the list goes on and on.Women tell me ,isn't it so?

I am a homemaker.All I do,is clean,cook and tutor a couple of kids.Cooking is so easy...Who said that? It isn't.Especially when you have a fussy husband who eats food cooked only a certain way.Its so true,food is the best way to a good man's heart.heheheh.....I don't know about the other entries.what to cook today..what to cook tomorrow...Having guests! then what feast to come up with....Its really tough you know.the other stuff is manageable.Cleaning everyday,washing everyday,etc.

I think of women who have more than 2 kids of their own.That's a whole different scenery there.But being childless for 6 years,I would very gladly accept the whole birthing,rearing,going mad over their cookkoo behaviour any day.

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