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Dangerous Jobs

Maybe 2 years back,I was watching this program on some channel listing the top 10 difficult jobs in the world and was surprised to see that one of them was my hubby's profession as well.Even though my husband did tell me often how tough it could get and all,explained his stuff,I didnt give it much thought but when I saw it on Tv,I felt stupid coz i didnt understand it,proud that he excelled in something this difficult.

I have seen a man's face split open when a disc cutting metal flew off and buried into his face,I have seen shards of metal burn through uniforms,safety shoes,socks and embed within skin.I have seen it pulled out from his face.I have seen uniforms burn out and destroyed due to welding and what not....I have patches of salt so thick,due tp excessive sweating,you could scrape it off the uniform.I have seen him crawl into such tight spaces where you can expand just ur lungs in order to get to that vital part of wiring of the ship,trawlers,speedboats, that t…

Visiting nightmares

Have you been to this friend's home,and within half an hour of your visit wondered,"Why did I ever come here in the first place !" It happens to me once in a while and those casual visits are the worst moments I hate even thinking about.Usually,I tell my husband,can we just put it off,can we meet with them some other time?

You meet with these people,coz you have to and then after exchanging 'hi's' and 'hellos',and asking how are they and their entire family,you go quiet and wonder what do I say next? What topic can I start discussing before I turn into this smiling zombie saying yes and no ! It is the worst hour one can spend.I always imagine that boring people make the perfect suicide bombers.Drop them among a group of people you hate and then within the hour,you will see people dropping dead,one by one.

For a couple of years ,I would sit through it with this glaze on my eyes.It was like I could see them but my tongue and body was frozen.Nothing sen…

Racing through life !

As you grow into this world,we learn that ambition is very important.Striving to do more and expect more of life,an important characteristic of a person who will fare well in life.I was talking to someone and this topic just hit me.

That is the one thing I never was.My folks thought it was weird for me for not going paranoid searching for jobs and not crying over it.They thought,and many others did,that I had it easy coz my parents were supporting me while I was being jobless.What am I suppose to do if I hadnt got the job or didnt nail the interview? I was not the kind who cried and boohooed over stuff like this.As long as I dont have to resort to sleeping on the sidewalks or begging,I thought it was okay.I need not be crying.But people thought this was odd.WHy wasnt I going nuts,or being frustated or being depressed? I was young,marriage was not in the books and I just wanted to walk through it,calm and quiet and hoping it would eventually come to me.

I never give a second thought to…

Good service - Hospitality

When you go to a new country,out of the many things,one always wonders how hospitable people out here are.When people enter your household as guests,a certain code is followed.What is this code?

Someone put forward this question to me recently as to why when you visit someone,some go out of their way to welcome you.

Showing hospitality is showing respect to the people who grace your home.When someone comes home,its respectful to ask for water or something to drink .When I was newly married,the idea of inviting people over,brought so much stress and anxiety that I would be all nervous and clenched up.Though my husband helped me out with cooking and guiding me through it (coz ,I had not learnt any cooking at all)I felt strung out,wondering what will they say about me,my food and my manners.I insisted they would keep it very simple when we came over.

Thanks to my husband,over the years,I have changed my thinking and attitude.Instead of thinking someone was showing off how good they were…

What is the definition of beauty ???

An eternal query since time itself.Everything has to be labeled.This kid is cute,his wife is gorgeous,her husband is yummy,this actor is sexy,that actress exudes hotness in all glory and what not !

We are obsessed with beauty,no matter,how much we say,I aint into all this ,Im simple and blah blah...but secretly we are.We always want to look good,we always stare at the mirror to see if we have become fairer or blemish free or pimple filled or dark,etc the list goes on.If you thought Im not self obsessed,wrong ! We are.So this got me researching online a bit about what was the ideal definition of beauty various cultures.

The western world is obsessed with tanned skin,brown skin.Look at the way they go these tanning parlours and get spray tans whic actually look abnormal.An american woman asked my mom long back,"How can I get colour like yours." To which My mom said," try applying coconut oil when going out and sit in the SUn.

PAle skin,like today,was considered to be a f…

Birthday entry


I turned 34 today and a year more and I will have lived half of my life.Very strange to have had 34 birthdays upto now.I still remember my 17 birthday,like it was yesterday. I celebrated at my hostel with my room mates.
How was my birthday,you ask?
Well,I was wished by many of my friends on facebook and it did make me feel very happy within.EVen though some might say,friends who are only online are not real friends,I dont think thats completely true.SOmeone has taken the time to wish you,means they think of you somewhere in their mind ,even if its for a single moment.

Some of my family wished me and that truly made my day.To be greeted by my own,makes you feel important and wanted,a feeling everyone wants,no matter what.

My husband brought me flowers and sweets and it literally lighted some fire crackers within my heart.My brother and sister inlaw ,made a point to come and wish me and it truly touched my heart.My sister wished me and bought me presents 2 days ago and th…

Crazy Ramblings !

Its been a while since I came online,No while writing this blog,I actually havent been online either.It will be a couple of days before I do so.

Eid al Fitr has come to an end and I have had the busiest weeks ever.Entertaining friends all the way through.Am exhausted,was hoping to catch up on some sleep but then after another phone call,we had to wake up and be ready for friend to come over.And by the time,we bid Ta-tas and Bye byes,the day had come to an end.

Its been defintely a week since I visited facebook and checked any of my emails.Makes me realise how dependent Im on this internet.Im clearly addicted.A bad sign of a jobless person,a sign of ample free time or a sign of having some sort of company no matter what time -day or night.

There are so many blogs to read and so many things to pass judgement and comment on and I am just not able to.Waiting to hook up to some DSL connection but just havent found the time.

So Im sorry if anyone is wondering,why doesnt she read them or why …

A silly attempt of a poem

Like the cactus in the desert

So am I in this world,

In the confusion of this day to day life

I stand ,steadfast and rooted to my ground.

The storms may come,

the sands may cloud you                      

but with what I have

I deal this moment of time,

holding on to what i've got

but never stopping to look after myself,

I may chip off...

I may break a branch or two,

I may be cut down

or I may not be self-sufficient

But never will I stop living,

Im here for a purpose,

For someone or just be on my own,

nonetheless Im here

and I shall make every moment count!

We are born into this world for a reason and not because it just had to happen.One must never give up on one's purpose of existence.If you arent bound to anyone and are on your own,doesnt mean life has given up on you.You could be that single person,you could be that divorcee,you could be an orphan or you could be married,single mom or anything.Even in the sea of people around you,one can feel as hopeless and without aim.…

Heart of a House !

I recently came across this saying on a cooking channel and it goes like this : "The Kitchen is the heart of the house".Many would wonder if the bedroom was the deal breaker but it isnt.

There in the kitchen is the woman who has slogged her major part of the day whipping up food,a way,I think personally, to anyone's heart.A handful of my memories are of the wonderful food I have had at people's home and my own.My mom made the most amazing chicken stew and the thought of her dish,still makes me drool.The chicken was cooked just right and stew was just light and amazing,with the hint of acidic tomato and fresh coriander.The spices were right,the flavours were right on and the chicken fell apart in your hand and mouth.

Coming to think of it,there in the kitchen lies this woman,who may or may not be a housewife,but nonetheless,still enters it with great enthusiasm and will, to whip something for her loved ones.She knows she will be feeding her babies and husband.She know…