Sep 4, 2011

A silly attempt of a poem

Like the cactus in the desert

So am I in this world,

In the confusion of this day to day life

I stand ,steadfast and rooted to my ground.

The storms may come,

the sands may cloud you                      

but with what I have

I deal this moment of time,

holding on to what i've got

but never stopping to look after myself,

I may chip off...

I may break a branch or two,

I may be cut down

or I may not be self-sufficient

But never will I stop living,

Im here for a purpose,

For someone or just be on my own,

nonetheless Im here

and I shall make every moment count!

We are born into this world for a reason and not because it just had to happen.One must never give up on one's purpose of existence.If you arent bound to anyone and are on your own,doesnt mean life has given up on you.You could be that single person,you could be that divorcee,you could be an orphan or you could be married,single mom or anything.Even in the sea of people around you,one can feel as hopeless and without aim.We dont realise that a single good deed we do unto others,maybe paying it forward in ways most wonderful.A simple smile or a touch or pat or words of love,can make someone's day most pleasant,even we can never imagine it.Some of us do,and some just dont want to spare that little time.Help that old person on the street,give to that poor person if you can spare,give a small chocolate to the child working at the hotel or shop,etc. Life is not meant to be easy and smooth coz if it were,we all would have been bored and tired of it.We are to live with challenges,we are to live through drastic changes,you could be a teacher,you could be a cook,you could be a waiter ,you could be are making it better for someone else.


  1. last weekend, i was alone at home. Sathya & Tan had gone to Mysore for 1 day 1 night.
    may be it was the PMS or the fact that this was the first time i was alone with Both of them together absent or the rain or the night...i simply went crazy. i didnt eat/sleep. i was walking like a zombie & kept calling Sathya again & again & crying . the loneliness got to me. i really thot my life had no purpose/no meaning

  2. really nice on Suzy!! we women are a crazy lot and the things we undergo...sigh!!

    and Sujatha...I so understand your feeling. there are times I am glad am alone, there are times, i don't want to be alone at all..there are times everyone is around still feel lonely.


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