Apr 20, 2012

Ahhhh......The bane of bad weather.Sitting cooped in within the 4 walls of your home.And to make matters worse,being alone.That's what is strangely sad about this place.Its a very small country,basically a desert towards the outer ends.

There is not much to see or do unless you are willing to shell out ,what in the end is ,more than half of your monthly income in entertaining yourself.I guess its the same everywhere but unlike India,where you can take a long drive to some remote place and see anything,a beach or temples,or relatives and what not.But out here,you are basically without relatives or family.Its you and the single unit family.
I just finished cooking for the day and am waiting for my husband to come home to have lunch with me.I hate eating alone unless I'm unbearably hungry.Rule of thumb is,eat breakfast by yourself and wait for the other main meals to eat as a family.I'm guessing many women do this,they love to eat as a family but I'm not sure about men doing the same.

My husband tells me if liquor was allowed out here,I would have been a drunk.Coz I would seek some sorrow to dwell on and drink for the hell of it.Actually ,I guess I would.Being lonely is a sad thing right,I would have been a full blown alcoholic.
My friends tease me ,no,they actually cannot imagine how do I manage to be alone like this for such long periods of time.They cannot imagine life alone as they have kids and everyone knows,a couple with kids ,actually seek at least an hour of freedom from all that," mummy this and mummy that,daddy this and daddy that."

At times like these I wish I could be In India at my folk's house,watering plants,playing with our dog,walking to the market or just sitting by the flowers and vegetable garden.Or if I won lottery,shop till I drop,build my home and design my home the way I wanted, a typical English cottage like setting with french windows and plants just about everywhere.

I hope you guys read my previous posts on hair fall and stuff.Its my basic setting of worry nowadays.My hair falling due to changing weather.Its time like these when I think Dimple Kapadia is a bitch (Coz she has he best hair I have ever seen on a woman) and Kareena Kapoor is a ......( I love her skin).If I had so much money,maybe I would park myself in a beauty salon every week but alas ! We simpletons will have to just about manage on our own.Hurray to Internet where you can read all these things and update your knowledge.
Painted my nails maroon yesterday,they kind of look very pretty but then those damn dishes are gonna chip them gradually and they will look like....like what...Nails of a housewife of course.

Some of my Pakistani friends and others used to ask me long time ago,is it really how the Indian housewives are,as they portray them on the telly? Dawned in makeup and jewellery and beautiful saris? I don't think so,I don't know how the wife of a millionaire is at home.I don't think someone would deck up like everyday and sit at their house.My understanding is a rich man is never at home,coz he is always working ,minting money while a woman is by herself ,surrounded by his kids and just hoping to do something on her own ,so she doesn't bore herself to death.

I have no idea where I'm going with this blog right now . Have  a great day people !


  1. Have a great day Suzy. My mind is in a similar state of randomness these days.

  2. liqour not allowed? then.....no one drinks???? !!!!!!!


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