Jun 25, 2010


Cooking can be such an ordeal at times.How? Every morning you wake up and you start wondering what do I cook today?It might seem stupid to some of you but trust me when you have to cook food the long cut way,you just dont know what to make.

Someone said whats long cut? Thats cooking anything from scratch...no canned stuff or frozen stuff..no what am I saying ! Anything canned or frozen has to be cooked anyway,its just the matter of time anything takes.

You cannot eat dal everyday and veggies everyday..I pity vegetarians but then..the vegetarians are used to eating the veggies and we non veg's..have our own tensions.Cooking healthy is a totally different thing.I dont eat meat very often and that includes chicken..maybe once a week...or sometimes twice.So its basically pulses,grains and what not. Avoiding food that makes you gassy,avoiding food that adds to your never ending calorie intake,etc.

Some fry nuggets or burgers or open tuna tins or eggs or other side dishes to the their daily intake but as Im on the heavy side and thanks to my doctor constantly reminding me that Iam..I have opted out of this easy stuff.Now I have to consider blood sugar,hypertension and obesity when I cook something or eat out.Becomes really difficult!

Then we both are choosy and fussy.My husband wont even eat a dish I've made if it isnt made the way he likes it or not upto the mark.Since Im the kind of person who will eat something they like to the point it starts repelling you and you never touch it for years on end..yeah! Did you just think How fussy,my kid is better?

Now I hate dal,I eat little okra maybe 6 bites at a meal,dont like cauliflower and anything that is mixed with potatoes.I like French fries and that the only way I eat them.I like vegetables lightly boiled with a pinch of salt and pepper.I love bitter gourd and only if they taste bitter after being cooked.

With my husband its just the opposites,he hates veggies boiled,he loves potatoes in any form and with anything.He hates eating cooked carrots,he eats them only raw.He loves cauliflower and okra.He hates noodles in any form and I love them.He hates Chinese,I love it.He hates fish eggs and I love them fried.He will eat eggs everyday and I get nose bleeds if I eat for 2 days straight.I love sweet dishes and my husband doesnt.what I like in sweets,he detests and what he likes,I dont touch.See what I mean? We are complete opposites.

{Wait ! Im just being mesmerised by Randy Orton's stare.gotta watch this WWE match.}

Tomorrow,I have to cook chicken something for a guest we invited over and then probably we all will go out.Have to prepare a to do list for jaanu so he brings all the ingredients,especially the chicken.

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  1. To do list esp the chicken hehehe

    Yeah me too eats carrots raw & dutifully pick & trash the little cooked ones I find in pulaos & other dishes. There’s something put-offish about cooked carrots


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