Jun 6, 2010


Home politics is such a horrible thing.I used to think that in perfect families,people will go to any lengths for one another and help each other out.Alas! There is nothing like perfection when it comes to families.To please each and everyone,to listen to each and everyone and maintain your peace is very difficult.I know we live in an age when nuclear family seems much more optional and it is.But what does one do when you have dependent parents,you dont remain a nuclear family.Especially when those dependent parents try running everything their way and look at things from only their point of view.This leaves no room for relations to bloom and anything to be cherished.

I know from personal experience even though my inlaws are not too much a problem for me.Its like those 3 monkey statues,when there's unpleasantness around-close your eyes,ears and mouth and all will be well in the end.

My jaan has a firm head over his shoulders.His temper is something one wouldnt want to face.When he is pissed off,its like dancing like a clown in front of a wounded lion.But still ,even during critical moments of pissiness,he still manages to think straight and think.My anger is like a firecracker.I will burst into shreds and when the smoke is gone,Im fine.I dont think straight,my mind strays in every possible direction and I need a minute or 2 to calm down.

I hear stories from my friends about their inlaws and they all dread to even stand in their presence,its like a constant judgment is being made even though they have been married for 20 years.Isnt it so weird ! Its a universal thing.If its the DIL ,then its is she caring for my son enough,is she caring for our grandkids enough,if shes finally become the best cook,if shes not draining my son's pockets and sucking him dry with her fuzool kharcha.If its the SIL,then its does he still loves my daughter,is he having an affiar elsewhere,is he gawking at other women,is he feeding my daughter and her children well,is he providing her care and love and so on and so forth.

I was complaining why are old people,old fashioned people so narrow minded and judgemental about everything? why isnt anyone good enough? Then I thought,when folks have been dominant all their lives and have been involved in each and every decisions of their children's life,When they grow old and instead depend on each and everything on their children,they seem to lose their control and therefore become the kir-kirree kind.So one should embrace all negativity and be optimistic.If your own folks would scream and shout at you,you would oversee it all coz you know that somewhere in between the screaming contest and "Im greater and you're smaller" argument,there is love.Forget the bashan - In the end treat them the way you would treat your own.

Pleasing everyone is very difficult.One may think,if its all so cumbersome,why bother,but now...one cannot ignore certain situations at all.Sometimes,facing a new band baaja...can be a new fun experience..depends on how you take it and face it !

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