Jun 3, 2010

Thursday nights.

I chopped off my nails,as usual,they went brittle and one of them borke of,so they all had to go under the guillotine.As a kid upto the age of 22,I was a nailchewer.I know its a disgusting habit but I think it was all stress and boredom.Then one fine day ,I went cold turkey and within a few months I had human nails.That was an accomplishment for me.To kick off a habit of 19 years.

Iam off duty from tutions for one whole month and I sort of feel useless.I miss screaming at the top of my lungs and really using my brain trying to learn techniques to teach them the easier way.

Tomorrow is a friday,a weekend and I have no idea how its going to be.The temperature have risen to 48c already during the day and since our A/C isn't in mint condition,it tends to be very hot if you are moving around.

None of the soaps seem interesting anymore coz they all have taken a bad turn to the worst.If you cannot go out and do anything at home,what do you do to entertain yourself! I wanted to cook something but then Jaan settled for dal and chawal,leftovers of the afternoon.

I want to eat from some hotel,Im real hungry now.Couldnt eat the cookies cooz they tasted too sweet for my palate.Thats why Im too hungry.

Looking forward to watching "Shrek 4" and " Twilight 3".Oooooh Im an ardent fan of vampire movies and anything related to them.My favourite being "Blade 2".Oh-beer-shi...meaning vampires.

In walks my hubby and I shall take leave now.

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